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How to Activate a Cheap Virtual Phone Number

If you’re looking to take your business international, virtual phone numbers are your ticket for low-cost and high-impact solutions to establish a presence in new markets.

In this article, we’ll go through the step-by-step sign-up process of how to activate a cheap virtual phone number.

Activate a Cheap Virtual Phone Number
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Step #1 – Selecting Your New Phone Number

The first step for those wanting to know how to activate a cheap virtual phone number is to start at To begin, find the drop-down menu which lists countries and their corresponding country codes. For those located in the United States, this is indicated by “United States (+1).” As an example, if you’re looking for how to activate a cheap virtual phone number in the United Arab Emirates, scroll down until you find the corresponding country code [“UAE (+971)”]. Select this option from the 1st scroll-down menu.

Next, you will select a type of phone number from the second drop-down menu. For most countries, there are two options:

  • Toll Free (mobile accessible)
  • Geographic (region-based, such as by city, county, province, etc.)

After you have decided on your type of phone number, you are given a list of virtual phone numbers to select from the third drop-down menu.

Step #2 – Entering Your Destination Number

Once you’ve selected a virtual phone number, the second step requires that you select a destination number, or the phone number where calls will be routed to your “home” destination of your business (or a call center located elsewhere).

Begin by selecting your country code from the drop-down list. This adds your country’s prefix to the number. Then, enter your destination number.

Step #3 – Select Your Subscription Plan

For those that are looking at how to activate a cheap virtual phone number, choosing the service plan that’s right for your business is a crucial step to keep costs down. These plans include:

  • Basic
  • Value
  • Power
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Each plan has its own rates:

  • Based on Monthly Minutes
  • Price per additional minute of call forwarding
  • Price per month

After reviewing these options, select one that fits your organization’s business model and budget.

Additionally, you can select a free trial by clicking the “Try for Free” button. Trial-based free call forwarding allows your business the opportunity to experience the features and benefits of Global

Call Forwarding’s one-of-a-kind service for a short duration. It’s simple, easy, and won’t cost anything during the trial period!

For more info on how to activate a cheap virtual phone number on a paid or free-trial basis, check out our FAQ or contact Global Call Forwarding to help you find the perfect plan for your business.

Step #4 – Selecting Optional Features

The next step is to decide whether your business needs to purchase add-on features for your service plan. This includes the following options:

  • Add Rollover: The RollOver feature accumulates your unused minutes for the future. This is a great option for businesses that have fluctuating call volume as well as for retaining unused minutes for a higher usage month.
  • Add Call Recording: As government regulators have begun to clamp down on spam callers and international scams, businesses must step up their efforts when it comes to recording calls. If you select this option, you will receive default 30-day storage of recorded calls, with 100% of calls received through your number backed up. Once you’ve selected your call recording service, you can still modify your call recording options, which includes the percentage of calls being recorded by Global Call Forwarding’s system and long-term storage of recorded calls for up to 5 additional months.
  • SMS Plan: The SMS forwarding service feature forwards incoming SMS messages to the email address of your choice. Businesses can also receive an SMS-enabled virtual number which allows incoming texts from a specific country to be forwarded to their email inbox.

Step #5 – How to Activate a Cheap Virtual Phone Number: Completing Your Information

Below, you will need to enter your contact information, including your first name, last name, and email address. Once you’ve entered in your information, select your account type (Business or Personal). For businesses, add your business name. Next, agree to the Terms and Conditions. (For more info, click on Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy) Last, click “Try for Free” (for free trials) or “Add to Cart” (for paid plans) to finalize your selection. (You can change your mind in the next step if you’ve reconsidered which type of service plan you want).

Step #6 – Reviewing Your Cart

If you’ve been wondering how to activate a cheap virtual phone number, you’re almost finished! Once your personal information has been submitted, now is the time to review your purchase. If you want to add more numbers, click the “Add More Numbers” button to do so. As mentioned in Step #5, there is a radio button that gives you the option to finally decide whether you want to use a paid subscription or a free trial, so select the best option for your business.

Once you’re finished, click “Proceed to the Final Step” to finalize your purchase.

Step #7 – Proceeding to Checkout

Below the cart, you will be required to enter your credit card billing information, as well as create a password for your Global Call Forwarding account.

After you’ve entered in your credit card information, you must enter your payment information. This includes credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers.

Once your billing and payment information is entered, be sure to review the information to ensure it’s correct. Finally, click on the agreement and click “Pay and Activate” for paid subscriptions.

For free trials, click on “Free Trial” to finalize your free trial. And that’s it! Now that you have all the details on how to activate a cheap virtual phone number, go ahead and get one to reap the benefits.

Below the cart’s invoice, enter your credit card billing information, as well as creating a password for your Global Call Forwarding account. Once your credit card information, proceed to fill in your payment information (credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers).

After your billing and payment information is entered, be sure to give the information a final review to ensure it is correct. Last, click on the agreement button checkbox and click “Pay and Activate” button for paid subscriptions. For free trials, click on “Free Trial” button to finalize your free trial.

How to Activate a Cheap Virtual Phone Number

Takes About 2 minutes
Steps on activating a cheap virtual phone number.
Necessary Items:
or Smartphone
image step 1
Visit Global Call Forwarding’s Home page

Navigate to Global Call Forwarding’s home page at

image step 2
Select Your New Phone Number
From “Select Your New Phone Number,” choose the country and its corresponding country code from the top dropdown menu. Next, choose the phone number type in the second dropdown menu. Because we are selecting a toll free number, you will choose toll free (mobile accessible).
image step 3
Enter Your Destination Number
Now that you’ve entered which toll free number you’d like, it’s time to enter the destination number which is the phone number for routing calls to and from.Click on the “View Rates & Try for Free” button to proceed to the next step.
image step 4
Choose a Payment Plan
A series of payment plans will appear below the dropdown menus. Carefully review each plan.
image step 5
Select Optional Features for Your Phone Number
To enhance your numbers functionality, select optional features for your toll free phone number
image step 6
Complete Your Contact Information
After selecting optional features, scroll down to enter your information in the fields provided.
image step 7
Review Your Cart
Review the overview of your current purchase. Now, you can either Proceed to the Final Step.” (For those that choose “Add More Numbers,” the previous steps will repeat). Below the cart you will need to input your billing information.
image step 8
Submit Payment Info and Finalize Subscription
Next, you will enter in your payment information and then click “Start Free Trial” or “Pay & Activate” (depending on whether you select the free trial or not).

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