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Bio: Sam Stevens is a travel enthusiast who writes about new trends in communications and technology. After getting her degree in writing and public relations, she climbed her way up the ranks from copywriter to content manager while working with several different marketing agencies. This experience helped her create a business that makes killer content for busy entrepreneurs.

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How Do IVR Systems Work?

Want an efficient solution for your corporate call center? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can help reduce your company’s costs and improve productivity. IVRs are basically automated systems that are voice activated. For example, one of your customers simply wants to pay an overdue bill. They dial into the system, choose from a menu of options [Continue Reading]

Toll Free Number Providers

How Toll Free Numbers Can Save Your Startup According to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. That’s a staggering number, considering how many new companies try to get off the ground every year. In the United States, startups are becoming more and more common. There’s a lot that goes into these businesses, too. Finding the right [Continue Reading]

8 Customer Service Tips for Companies in the Travel Industry

Great customer service tips can be the difference between retaining clients and losing them. It means understanding clients’ needs and fulfilling them in a timely manner, even when you are in different time zones and countries apart.   Travel agencies, tourism businesses, airline and railway companies, and especially hotel chains need a customer service routine. [Continue Reading]

5 Call Center Features You Need for an Inbound Sales Team

Inbound call center agents handle incoming calls for your company, usually in large volumes. Traditionally, call centers take on product orders or provide customer service during hours when your office is not available.   Call centers will typically use virtual toll free numbers when the call center is located outside the country. They are especially [Continue Reading]

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