Entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business or small business owners looking to expand into other countries should look for the best call forwarding service. Before you end up getting a call forwarding service, you need to decide which is better, toll free or local numbers.

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A call forwarding service has many advantages. For one, local and toll free phone numbers improve customer satisfaction. Callers can dial toll free numbers without incurring a charge for the phone calls. In addition, a toll free number is much easier to remember and dial.

However when you get a call forwarding service, you may be uncertain about which is better toll free or local phone numbers? Both toll free and local numbers have their own advantages.

It is a good idea to answer a few questions before you get a toll free forwarding service. Who is your target market? Where are they calling you from? In which countries are there business opportunities? Asking and answering these questions is the first step in setting up call forwarding.

Toll free numbers

Toll free numbers are one of the most popular and effective marketing tools in the world of business today. They have been in use for over 50 years and are commonplace with large and successful companies. Getting a toll free number shows your clients that you are committed to customer support.

Customer service is a major factor in customer satisfaction, so it is imperative that customers are able to contact you about any issues. The benefit to owning a toll free number is that customers can dial your business at a local calling cost – which is essentially free. However, this advantage has been mitigated slightly as home and mobile calling plans have gotten cheaper.

When considering which is better toll free or local numbers, you should also consider that toll free numbers are easier to remember. Global Call Forwarding offers vanity toll free phone numbers so that potential customers will undoubtedly remember your contact number.

It is likely that potential customers will remember vanity toll free numbers better than a regular phone number. For example, 877 CASH NOW is a memorable vanity toll free number for JG Wentworth. A more memorable number will result in more sales conversions and more incoming calls. Memorability is a factor to consider when deciding which is better toll free or local phone numbers for a business.

Local phone numbers

Local phone numbers are also a great marketing tool because most consumers prefer to do business with a local company. Global Call Forwarding provides local phone numbers in thousands of cities across more than 100 countries. This means that you can get an area code and phone number in any city that you would like to do business.

A local phone number inspires trust in your business in a new region. For example, a US-based business with customers in Dubai can purchase a Dubai local phone number. Customers in the UAE will be able to dial your Dubai phone number, hear a local ringback tone and speak to a representative at a local calling cost. The confidence that a local number inspires can be very valuable and earn repeat business.

In addition, local phone numbers enable you to compete with established local companies. Potential customers will see your local phone number and assume that your organization is close by. As discussed, customers are more likely to do business with a local firm. A local phone number might be better than a toll free number when you have a lot of local competitors.

When you are looking to establish a friendly business image, a call forwarding service is important. Get local phone numbers and start growing a positive local reputation in any city that you would like.

Toll free vs. Local phone numbers

The decision to buy local versus toll free numbers is basically a matter of preference. Toll free numbers help your business establish a corporate and professional image, while local phone numbers improve your business’ local presence. Take your organizational goals into account when comparing local numbers to toll free numbers.

Hopefully this gave you enough information to decide for your business which is better toll free or local phone numbers. If you are still unsure which call forwarding number to choose, Global Call Forwarding offers free consultations. A member of our staff will be happy to help you decide which is better for your business.