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Businesses With Hilarious, Off the Wall Names

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The name and logo of a business are extremely important for any type of business. They are responsible for the very first impression clients will have. It takes time and careful consideration to go over the best options and land on the best name for the business, then work off of the name to create a logo and the overall brand. Let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look at businesses with hilarious names.

Some may say that a number of businesses thought too long and hard and wound up with a name that is pretty off the wall. Businesses with hilarious, off the wall names may be looking to make a point or may be looking to just make people laugh. Either way, they are often memorable, which definitely helps with creating brand awareness. Here are some examples of businesses with hilarious, off the wall names:

  • A fish and chips restaurant named “Frying Nemo”
  • A costume jewelry stand called “Real Imposters Jewelry”
  • An animal clinic called “Dog & Cat Repair”

Though it may be tempting to name businesses with hilarious, off the wall names, today’s executives are recognizing that there is a lot more at stake in selecting the right name for a company, a product, or a service than in the era prior to the Internet’s existence. Alexandra Watkins, founder of the brand consulting agency, Eat My Words, told, “Name selection is more important now than ever before. Your name has to work harder than it did 20 years ago.”

Driving the increased importance of selecting the right name are changes in technology and the habits of consumers. The existence of domain names and website addresses, social media accounts, and the use of tablets and smartphones have changed the game for company name selection, according to marketing experts.

Unique domain names are easy to remember and they help a company to build their brand, ultimately helping to drive an increased number of potential customers to the brand website where there is more company information along with products and/or services offered.

Research indicates that there are several traits in selecting a domain name that attracts more traffic to a site. Some of those traits are:

  • Short domain name. Short translates into seven characters or less, not counting the .com, .org or other suffix. The shorter domain names tend to attract a higher amount of web traffic. The number of website visitors decreases by 7 percent if the domain name is expanded to 10 characters, marketing researchers have found. That boils down to a 2 percent reduction in traffic for every character that is added beyond the preferred 7 characters.
  • Numbers also make a difference. Adding a business number to a domain name was also found to have an impact on traffic. Domain names with a number in them had an increase in traffic.
  • Avoid hyphens. The use of a hyphen in a domain name has been found to cut a website’s rank by 2.9 percent, according to industry studies.

Marketing researchers note that sometimes names are misspelled on purpose, because a domain name wasn’t available, and this actually hurts rather than helps the business. If a domain name is taken, then maybe it’s a better idea to think of something completely different than to compromise a percentage of your website traffic.

Another aspect to keep in mind when selecting a business name is related to smartphones and tablets. It should be easy to read across the screen of a smartphone or other smaller digital device, since a very large percentage of people are searching on these types of devices today. The trend with mobile is to be able to look at the screen quickly and process things in a short amount of time. It is referred to as perceptual fluency and literally points to the ease with which a person is able to read a product name or a company name from the way it looks with regard to font and spelling.

A good name should differentiate a company, a product and/or a service. The target audience should understand why the company or product is the preferred option over any competition. In the search for a name that stands out, it is important to not forget substance. Businesses with hilarious, off the wall names or something that is considered a “sexy” name or a memorable logo may very well get prospective clients to click on the website or links within the website, but it will not get the same traction that useful information presented in an appealing way will get. It is more about the experience than just presenting businesses with hilarious, off the wall names that get a quick reaction from audiences (and produce no substance otherwise).

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