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China Local Business Numbers

China has truly become the workshop of the world. You will not find cheaper yet more profound manufacturing and processing facilities anywhere else in the world. More and more businesses across the world are looking to outsource their manufacturing and supply chains to Chinese companies. And even more interestingly, the Chinese retail market is also expanding like never before.

If you are a businessperson looking for better margins and new expansion markets, China is the place to look at. And China local business numbers can facilitate effective and constant communication with your Chinese partners as well as consumers.

What are China Local Business Numbers?

China is a vast country, and much of its development is concentrated in coastal river deltas of Yangtze and Pearl rivers. These include the industrial hubs of Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, along with the capital Beijing.

If you have business ties and interests in China, they will probably be in one of these cities. China local business numbers are virtual phone numbers that are exactly like local Chinese telephone landline numbers in these cities.

The difference lies in the fact that calls made to these China local business numbers from your partners in that locality will incur only local call rates. But at the same time, thanks to the marvel of VOIP and the Internet, your phone calls will get forwarded to your business numbers outside China. These China local business numbers basically allow your Chinese partners to make overseas calls to you at the cost of local call rates.

Explaining Chinaís Local and Toll Free Telephone Number System

The Chinese telephone system is pretty standardized and easy to understand. Mainland China (along with Hong Kong and Macau) are divided into several geographic areas, 9 in total. All cities and provinces within an area have their own area code, a 2 or 3 digit prefix. Cities in one area will have a prefix that starts with the number of that particular area. For example, Shenzhen (area code 755) lies in Area 7, while Shanghai (21) lies in Area 2 and Hangzhou (571) is in Area 5, and so on.

When you want China local business numbers in one of these regions, you can specify that. For example, any calls made from your Shanghai supplier/partner to your China local business numbers in that city will incur only local call rates. Calls made from another city or province will incur additional long distance rates.

So it is important to specify the correct city or province when applying for China local business numbers to gain maximum benefits.

Why Get China Local Business Numbers

They are a sensible option for foreign business owners to maintain contact with their Chinese manufacturers or business partners. To get a regular Chinese local number, you need a physical presence in China, with a local office address and all. Those things can be pretty expensive to maintain. Our China local business numbers are cheap, affordable and require minimal paperwork. And more importantly, you donít need a local China address to get these numbers.

These China local business numbers are great way to maintain B2B contact and communication. No business likes to incur massive overseas call charges. Chinese businesses are no different.

Having China local business phone numbers will encourage your Chinese colleagues to keep in touch with you on a regular basis. It is a considerate gesture that will go a marvelous distance in forging valuable ties with businesses in China. For B2C communication, toll free call forwarding may be a better option if you have clients all over China. But if your clients are also restricted to a particular city, for example, Beijing, you can flip the switch for China local business numbers.

Some Notable Call Forwarding System Features

It takes only a few minutes to set up international call forwarding and bring the service online. Since it is an Internet based technology, you donít need to install any new hardware. You can forward phone calls to your landline or mobile numbers. You can also have multiple numbers added to the recipient list. With our convenient advanced call forwarding system, no call from your Chinese collaborators will go unanswered.

You also get options for call recording and specifying when to switch from one recipient number to the next. If you want to go that extra mile to keep your partners and clients in China feel valued, you can even add custom messages in Chinese, along with local Chinese caller tunes.

China Economic Forecasts

There seems to be no sign of slowdown in the pace at which the Chinese economy is developing. Retail spending among the Chinese is at an all-time high and the manufacturing sectors face little competition in the global arena.

Economic growth remains stable at above 6% and with the rest of the world slowly climbing out of the pit of the great recession that can only mean more business for Chinese companies. Now is as fantastic a time as any to look to expand to China for new business partnerships and opportunities. Get China local business numbers to cement your ties with the Chinese.

We have decades of experience in international call forwarding. Call our experienced representatives to learn more about our services and identify the best one to suit your business needs.

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