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China Virtual Phone Numbers

New business ventures in China should get China virtual phone numbers to become more accessible in the Chinese marketplace. This is particularly true with international businesses. An example of this would be if a company in the United States decided to take their business to China, on the other side of the world. The business can get a China virtual phone number and forward the phone calls internationally to the United States.

The Chinese economy is strikingly different from that of the US, which can cause serious issues before a business even gets off the ground. If a business wants to ‘test the waters’ of China as a potential marketplace, they can get a China virtual phone number. Global Call Forwarding provides virtual phone numbers which can be forwarded internationally to anywhere in the world.

Prior to utilizing an international call forwarding service from China, however, businesses should have a firm understanding of China’s marketplace they will enter. Let’s briefly examine how and why China’s economy is the strongest in the world, what that means for businesses, and how China virtual phone numbers can make doing business there easier.

The New China

Under Party General Secretary and President Xi Jinping, China is going through a transformation, switching from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy. While undergoing this transition, the country is not generating the same double-digit GDP growths of its manufacturing heyday. But what this means is, the service industry will experience similar gains, as more than 550 million people in China will be considered middle class by 2022.

In addition to the service industry, China's huge population will also be a growing in e-commerce, logistics, education, healthcare, wealth management, entertainment, IT services, clean energy, tourism and agriculture.

This will make having local China business numbers a valuable resource in order to capitalize on the trillions of dollars this new class will be spending annually and the industries that will support them.

Exploring the Economy of China

China is one of the oldest empires on the globe. For centuries it has dominated the earth and stood as beacon for economic strength, scientific and technological advancement, and population growth. During the 19th and 20th centuries, however, China’s influence weakened. However, the Chinese government has become secure once again. By 2000, China had quadrupled its economic output and the government had turned its attention to economic development more than ever before.

Today, China has gone from being a virtually isolated country to becoming one of the core elements in a global economy. In 2010, China officially became the world’s largest exporter, thanks to a liberalization of prices and more control being given back to state enterprises. Foreign trade also benefited China, enabling it to export massive amounts of products to places like the United States and Europe. Despite loosening restrictions on some aspects of its economy, China has continued to place an emphasis on dictating the economic direction of its nation and businesses.

As a result of strict government regulations and even stricter trade deals, China became the world’s largest economy in 2015, outpacing the US for the first time in recorded history. Regardless of the government’s wealth, the Chinese people continue to have one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world. Challenges such as lowering government corruption and providing higher wages to the labor class, are beginning to take their toll on China’s economy.

These are just a few of the challenges facing China and businesses hoping to advertise their services or products there. Further investigating China’s foreign marketplace is good advice all companies should take prior to opening a business there.

How Do China Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

China virtual phone numbers work by receiving calls that originate in China and redirecting the phone calls to a destination number that can be anywhere in the world. In order to maximize the opportunities offered by China’s economy, a business should be accessible to customers over the phone. China virtual phone numbers make businesses more accessible to Chinese callers.

Local and toll free virtual numbers enable callers to contact a business without dialing confusing foreign dialing codes and incurring high international calling costs. Virtual numbers are not associated with any specific landline phone number. The phone calls are forwarded internationally to the destination a business has chosen. That destination can be a landline or mobile phone. China virtual phone numbers provide businesses an opportunity to connect with contacts or customers in China without paying international calling fees.

Once an individual in China calls a virtual number, the phone call will be forwarded to the destination the business has chosen. This cuts out the process of dialing several numbers and reduces the time they have to spend on the phone. An international call forwarding service is beneficial for both businesses and the individuals contacting them.

Why Businesses Get Virtual Phone Numbers in China

Businesses get China virtual phone numbers primarily for accessibility. Customers appreciate when they can call a business easily and connect with whomever they are trying to reach. This is not only respectful it’s also good business practice. Advancing communication in any way can lead to improved negotiations, and proves a business is here to stay.

Additional reasons why businesses get China virtual phone numbers include affordability and streamlined communication. Once a business purchases a virtual phone number through Global Call Forwarding, they also have access to a host of complementary benefits including voicemail set up, simultaneous ringing, and much more.

Making the most of any economic environment starts with communication. Global Call Forwarding helps businesses in getting off on the right foot in China with virtual phone numbers and countless complementary service features to streamline communication right from the start.

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