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By default you will receive your invoice via email. It is also available for download in HTML and PDF format from the customer control panel. You can download the PDF version and print it if you need a hard copy of the invoice. If you prefer to receive a bill in the mail, please contact our customer service team and we can send you your invoices by mail for $2 per month.

From the customer control panel, you have access to the details of all your usage in near real-time. Within seconds of receiving a call, the information about that call should be visible in the usage details for the phone number that received the call.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal.

Of course! We offer free trials for new customers to test out how the service works and use the customer control panel to enjoy all the advanced forwarding features such as Black and White lists, Customized Greetings or Simultaneous Ringing. Free Trials are available for personal and business accounts.

If you go over your monthly minutes, extra minutes are charged at the additional per minute rate. The rate can be found on the customer control panel.

Your monthly invoice will be conveniently automatically charged on your credit card or PayPal account provided during the signup process. This will ensure your account is always in good standing. If you need to change the payment method on file, you can connect in your account in the customer control panel. We do accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Just like most products and services, prices are determined by the costs of said products and services. Carrying a call from a remote location to your office means interconnections with multiple phone companies transmitting the calls from one to the other until it reaches its ultimate destination.

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We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do appreciate if you report any issues you may experience before making a final decision to cancel the service as in most cases, we can rectify the problem with some changes in our network configuration. However, this is not mandatory and if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason, please contact us with your specific issue and feedback within the first 30 days of your service activation, and we will be happy to refund any charges occurred (unless we specifically ask your consent in writing before activation of your service due to high set up costs).

We always try hard to keep our customers happy and we are sad to see them go. However, for some reason if you are not fully satisfied with our service, we ask you to give us the opportunity to hear your concern and try to help before you decide to cancel your service. If you do not have time and want to simply cancel, we understand that too and will cancel your service without further questions. All cancellations take effect starting from the next billing cycle and should be submitted by email or preferably through our online control panel before the end of current month to avoid service charge for the next month.

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