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In The US, Global Call Forwarding offers:

  • 1-800 toll free numbers
  • 1-844 toll free numbers
  • 1-855 toll free numbers
  • 1-866 toll free numbers
  • 1-877 toll free numbers
  • 1-888 toll free numbers
  • Geographic numbers in almost every state and city

In other parts of the world, we offer:

  • International Toll Free Numbers (ITFS)
  • Local Toll Free numbers
  • Mobile Accessible Toll Free Numbers
  • Shared Cost Toll Numbers
  • Geographic Numbers
  • National Numbers
  • Mobile Numbers
  • SMS Capable Numbers (National, Geographic and Mobile Numbers)

Toll free numbers are by nature assigned to the country of their origination and therefore are generally NOT accessible from other countries. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule. For example US Toll Free numbers are accessible from Canada and vice versa. There maybe some other exceptions where US Toll free numbers could be reachable from some telecom providers in the UK and some other countries, but most of the time this accessibility is NOT uniform and also is NOT free, meaning the callers will be charged for a regular US call even if they can reach a toll free number of another country. Therefore, with the exception of US Toll Free numbers being accessible from Canada, it is best to assume toll free numbers are NOT accessible from outside of their origination country and plan accordingly.

While most of our toll free numbers and almost all of our local numbers are accessible from mobile phones, there are still few countries where mobile accessibility on toll free numbers is still not available. You can find further accessibility and restrictions info on our web site after selecting a number.

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Yes, our Advanced IVR menu is available to all our customers. Through our Advanced IVR, customers can set up extremely complex set of rules, multiple greetings, options all in a user friendly GUI. We also help our customers with simple IVR set up at no additional cost. If you need complex IVR setup, depending on the complexity of it, we can help you with a reasonable development fee. We can also develop professional recordings for greetings, voice prompts, etc. with customized service quote. Please contact our support team for further details on Advanced IVR setup and voice recordings.

Yes, you can activate voicemail through your control panel in few simple steps and your missed calls will automatically go to your voicemail and will be instantly forwarded to you email as a digital voice file.

Yes, we forward calls to any phone number in the world.

Changing the number to forward your calls to is the simplest thing you can do through your online control panel and you can change your number to forward your calls to as many times as you like. The changes take effect immediately after you complete them.

Although we have access and capability to sell Universal Toll Free numbers – also called UIFN, we do not list this option on our web site and do not encourage our customers to purchase these numbers for several reasons. Here are the main reasons why we do not encourage our customers to purchase Universal Toll Free numbers:

  • Non Uniformity Across the World
    Universal Toll Free numbers are not uniformly available across the world. These numbers were originally created to unify toll free numbering system across different countries around the world. However, because each country has different set of rules, regulations and technical set up handling their ITFS (International Toll Free Service) numbering systems, not all countries complied with strict requirements of this set up. That resulted in very cumbersome ordering and provisioning process as well as inconsistent dialing patterns for the end users in different countries.
  • Higher Setup Cost
    UIFN numbers are more costly to set up as they require more bureaucratic work.
    Confusing Dialing Patterns: UIFN numbers require different dialing prefixes in different countries prompting companies to list additional instructions as to how callers should dial them in different countries. This confusing dialing patterns defeat the entire purpose of having UIFN as they are supposed to be easy to remember and dial the same way from various countries around the world.
  • More Complex Trouble Resolution
    It not always easy to detect and resolve a problem with these numbers as they originate from multiple networks which makes it much harder to troubleshoot and fix.

On the other hand, despite all these disadvantages, if you have a specific requirement to set up UIFN across different countries, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We always try hard to keep our customers happy and we are sad to see them go. However, for some reason if you are not fully satisfied with our service, we ask you to give us the opportunity to hear your concern and try to help before you decide to cancel your service. If you do not have time and want to simply cancel, we understand that too and will cancel your service without further questions. All cancellations take effect starting from the next billing cycle and should be submitted by email or preferably through our online control panel before the end of current month to avoid service charge for the next month.

Yes. You can keep your existing phone service and forward calls from your new number to your existing phone service / number.

You can contact Global Call Forwarding using contact information available on the “Contact Us” page of this website.

There is no limit to the number of lines you can have on your account. Some of our customers have thousands of call forwarding numbers, while others may only have one. If you are interested in purchasing a large amount of numbers, you can contact our corporate sales department here. Whether you have one or thousand lines in your account, our online control panel can provide you with fast accurate information and access to all our service features with a few clicks.

There is no long term commitment using our services, and you can cancel your account at any time. We prefer not to impose long terms commitments to our customers and rather we work hard to earn your long term business by providing excellent customer support, reliable and high quality service, and continuous improvements and additions to our offers.

Yes. You can easily transfer or port your existing toll free or local phone numbers to Global Call Forwarding. This is a relatively simple process and can be completed in a few steps. You may request your numbers to be ported on our porting / transfer request page. You can also learn more about porting numbers in the “Porting” FAQ page. In most cases, we waive porting fees when Value or higher service plans are selected. After we receive your porting or transfer request, one of our account managers will contact you with more information.

A vanity phone number is mainly a phone number that is easy to remember by potential callers. There are two types of vanity numbers. The first one is the type of vanity number that represents a word or several words that make up the number when matched in the phone keypad to the corresponding characters. Example for this type of vanity numbers is 1-800 CALL NOW which equivalent to 1-800 225 5629. The second type of vanity number is simply a number that is easy to remember (without any specific word attribution to it). Example to this type of vanity number is 1800 333 5555 or 1800 345 2299. You can order your vanity phone number either through our web site directly or through our Request a Vanity Phone Number page.

Global Call Forwarding offers custom vanity local and toll free numbers. It’s very simple to request a vanity number. You can either choose from one of our pre-selected US Toll Free Vanity numbers in our signup form, or go to the Vanity Number Request page and fill out the form. One of our account managers will check availability and pricing to get you the best possible option.

Callers cannot recognize that their call is being forwarded unless you indicate to them otherwise. Our system allows you to match ringback tones of origination countries as well for improved integration. Please see example listed in the previous question “Can the caller recognize that I’m not physically in the location they are calling?”

Callers can NOT recognize you are somewhere else unless you tell them yourself. International ringback tones are also available to activate for each number at no additional charge for additional authenticity. This way, if you buy a UK phone number from us and you want to receive the calls in the USA, and you want your callers in the UK to hear a UK ringback tone, then you can simply activate UK ringback tone on your UK number to mask USA ringback tone (by default our system plays the final destination ringback tone to the caller).

International Call Forwarding service works by receiving calls from originating phone numbers through our network and forwarding (also called redirecting) the call to a destination phone number our customer wants to receive at. Over the past 20 years we have formed extensive global network of local partnerships with premium service providers that interconnect with our network, which allows us to provide local and toll free numbers from almost any country in the world (currently more than 140 countries and counting). You can find more detailed information about how call forwarding service works in through our how it works page.

You can purchase a new phone number from our web site with a few simple steps. You can also try a number before making a purchase through our “Free Trial” offer. You first need to select the country you want to purchase a phone number from, then select the number type and specific city and number. You can either continue with “Try for Free” option or opt to skip and make a purchase directly. Most numbers are available in our inventory for quick activation. However, in some rare cases, it may take a few days or weeks to activate a number depending on the specific conditions of the number type and country.

What kinds of phone numbers does Global Call Forwarding offer?

Your company can appear to have a presence in over 140 countries and over a thousand cities nationwide with local and toll free numbers in each location, forwarding wherever you want with our call forwarding numbers. Aside from being more convenient for international customers, this will also help your company’s credibility and access to overseas markets with a few simple steps.

Your company can quickly benefit from:

  • Higher credibility
  • Ease of access for customers
  • Increased exposure to international markets
  • Quality service
  • Customization through innovative service features
  • Call metrics analytics
  • Affordable pricing
  • Higher efficiency of managing account
  • Dedicated Account Manager

United World Telecom, the owner of GlobalCallForwarding.com brand web site, has been providing telecommunications services to small to large business across the world since 1996 – over 20 years.

GlobalCallForwarding.com web site has been owned and operated by United World Telecom, a facilities-based provider of international local and toll free numbers available in over 140 countries with a fully redundant state-of-the-art telecom network. Numbers purchased through or ported to Global Call Forwarding come with included and premium features such as Call Recording, Voicemail to Email, Fax to email, Time of Day Routing, Simultaneous Ringing, Sequential Ringing, Call Transfer, SMS to email, Customized API, Local Ringback Tones, and more. We do not impose long term contracts on our customers, but rather we earn their business with excellent customer service, continuous improvements, and industry leading service quality and uptime. Check out our features page for more details about specific services and features we offer.

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