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Although we have access and capability to sell Universal Toll Free numbers – also called UIFN, we do not list this option on our web site and do not encourage our customers to purchase these numbers for several reasons. Here are the main reasons why we do not encourage our customers to purchase Universal Toll Free numbers:

  • Non Uniformity Across the World
    Universal Toll Free numbers are not uniformly available across the world. These numbers were originally created to unify toll free numbering system across different countries around the world. However, because each country has different set of rules, regulations and technical set up handling their ITFS (International Toll Free Service) numbering systems, not all countries complied with strict requirements of this set up. That resulted in very cumbersome ordering and provisioning process as well as inconsistent dialing patterns for the end users in different countries.
  • Higher Setup Cost
    UIFN numbers are more costly to set up as they require more bureaucratic work.
    Confusing Dialing Patterns: UIFN numbers require different dialing prefixes in different countries prompting companies to list additional instructions as to how callers should dial them in different countries. This confusing dialing patterns defeat the entire purpose of having UIFN as they are supposed to be easy to remember and dial the same way from various countries around the world.
  • More Complex Trouble Resolution
    It not always easy to detect and resolve a problem with these numbers as they originate from multiple networks which makes it much harder to troubleshoot and fix.

On the other hand, despite all these disadvantages, if you have a specific requirement to set up UIFN across different countries, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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