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How to Get International Toll Free Numbers

international toll free numbers

To take your company global, you first need to build connections and communication channels with clients and contacts across the world. And for this purpose, you can make use of international toll free numbers that let you reach out to businesses and customers the world over without needing multiple physical offices. Read on to discover how.

International Toll Free Numbers

So, what are international toll free numbers? These numbers allow potential clients and existing customers to contact a company without being charged for the call. The way toll free numbers work is that they charge the receiver and not the caller, making it free for your customers to reach you. They work through an international toll free forwarding service (ITFS). And you, the business, is charged only for using the toll free number by your provider. No international calling fees are applied.

It is no surprise, customers are more trusting of businesses with legitimate and convenient means of communication. And most users know that a toll free number costs nothing for them to dial, which is why they are more likely to contact businesses with such numbers. An international toll free number places you as an accessible enterprise in your industry. And these numbers let you connect with markets most important to your survival. You’ve got more options than your local neighborhood.

Advanced Features That Come With International Toll Free Numbers

The best part of getting an international number from a web-based phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding is the ability to use the other resourceful features. These features help uphold your enterprise’s professional image as well as customize the service you offer loyal customers. Here are a few offered by Global Call Forwarding:

  • Call Forwarding: Direct incoming calls to a number that you decide on.
  • Time of Day Routing: Route calls to certain numbers in different locations during specific times of day.
  • Unlimited Extensions: Extensions for different departments, individuals, or offices.
  • Call Recording: Record calls for training and quality assurance and liability protection.
  • Black and White Call Lists: Block unwanted calls.
  • Outbound Calling with Customizable Caller ID: Display specific caller IDs when calling different countries and area codes.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Automated voice response that answers incoming calls and assists callers in completing a task or directing them to the right department.

 Go Global with International Toll Free Numbers

Whether it is to tap into one specific market or to experiment with 4-5 different ones, Global Call Forwarding can help you with international toll free numbers. We have numbers for more than 160 countries and can provide high-quality calls. If you want to learn more, talk to one of our account managers today.

How to Get International Toll Free Numbers

Takes About 2 minutes
Purchasing international toll free numbers
Necessary Items:
Computer or Smartphone
image step 1
Select a cloud-based phone service provider
Research providers and find one that works for your company’s needs. Global Call Forwarding offers high-quality call service for businesses of every type.
image step 2
Sign up on our homepage
Visit Here, you can purchase international toll free numbers of your choice.
image step 3
Select your new number
Start on the left-hand side of the sign-up page. First, select the country whose toll free number you desire. Then, choose “Toll Free.” Then, pick your new number from the next dropdown list.
image step 4
Enter the destination number.
Then, move to the right-side section, “Forward Incoming Calls To.” Here, enter the number where you want incoming calls to be directed.
image step 5
Choose a service plan
Next, click on “View Rates and Try for Free” and browse through plans. Choose a plan that suits your needs and budget.
image step 6
Add Additional Features
Scroll down to add advanced features like Call Recording, Outbound Calling, and Rollover Minutes.
image step 7
Enter additional information and check out
Lastly, enter your contact and payment information. Then, check out and complete your purchase. You will soon receive an email confirmation saying that your account is active and the number is ready to use.
image step 8
Add more toll free numbers
To add more international toll free numbers to your account, simply log in to your control panel, navigate to “Add Service Lines” or “Add a Line” and get the new numbers you need.

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