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Free Call Forwarding: Your Ultimate Business Tool


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Free call forwarding is an incredible way to set up your local or international business in the area you desire sans facing any hassles. This is not all. You do not require spending money from your account to set up physical business site. There are numerous other reasons for businesses to use free call forwarding service. Some of the major ones include easy establishment of local presence in niche trade area, enhanced customer service, and centralization of business phone calls. Here is an example of how you can localize your business and earn more profits.

Localization of Business

Let us assume that you have a business serving clients in Chicago and Philadelphia. This also indicates that you have local business numbers> in both cities in conjunction with an 800 number. Your prospective clients will either call on local city number or the allotted toll free number. The local city number may or may not instantly connect to your physical office in the city at times. It is therefore directed to the toll number. This makes the caller think that he is calling an office situated in Chicago. This is due the local telephone number. The service is referred to as call forwarding facility. It is utilized towards localization of a business.

Enhanced Customer Service

This is one of the most common reasons for using free call forwarding service. Improved customer service will help you increase profit prospects of your business. For example, if you have a corporate office with many branch offices, setting up a full-fledged call forwarding service to the corporate office. This is especially helpful during non availability of representatives of branch. The service will also be useful when a customer representative is busy on another call. The customer dials local phone number of a business but is directed to the corporate office without any interruption. All local calls are routed to a centralized business call center.

Easy Set Up

One of the major advantages of using free call forwarding service is its user friendly set up. The set up process is very easy and does not require much assistance of time.

International Business

If you are running a business at international level, the free call forwarding facility will be highly useful for you. All local and national calls will be seamlessly directed towards global toll free numbers. These calls will automatically reach targeted nations. The only requirement here is to set up a call forwarding service. Using an international toll free number, caller can call the number targeted to the desired nations. These calls are free. This means that your callers will not require paying toll to contact you. The free call forwarding set up will facilitate calls to be directed to the desired phone line. This can be you corporate office number, mobile phone number, centralized call center of a nation or any number you desire.

Virtual Number

The free call forwarding will ensure that callers across the globe will reach up to you regardless of their location. You will benefit from a portable virtual phone number that is directed to the number you allotted while facilitating callers to dial neighboring phone numbers.

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