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The Right Brain, The Left Brain, and the Virtual Phone System

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Modern cognitive analysis has long suggested the brain is divided into left and right cerebral hemispheres—a rationale that maintains that these two sides of the brain hold unique functions. There is a lot about the human brain we still don’t know or understand, but what we do know is that the left side of the brain is connected to logic and analytical reasoning, thus creating a hemisphere where fact, detail, and practicality reign supreme. The right brain differs in that it is big-picture oriented, highly visual, and fueled by creativity. And both sides often “compete” for attention.

The small business owner—who can often be found designing the company website, while balancing the books in the same afternoon—knows this all too well.

One challenge that all small business owners face—particularly sole proprietors or self-employed businesses—is how to strike a balance between creativity and logic, effectively optimizing the brain’s potential to function most efficiently. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

In his article “Left Brain, Right Brain: Creating a New Business Model,” Ted Mininni uses Albert Einstein as the keystone example of what brilliance and success is possible when these two cerebral hemispheres are used in perfect intellectual harmony. (Note: history supports the fact that Einstein was both a brilliant dreamer as well as a successful businessman; a creative master as well as a logical thinker). Mininni writes that “nothing could better illustrate the integration of left brain and right brain [than Einstein]: logic and reasoning coupled with imagination and creativity.”

This notion, coupled with the idea that cerebral hemispheres hold unique functions, can be extrapolated and aptly applied to describe the functions of your average small business. Only by successfully integrating and combining the left and right brains of your small business can its maximum potential be realized.

The trouble is that this synergy is a hard balance to strike. For instance, much of our right brain function can often become stifled or under-exercised because of the overuse of left brain activity necessary for everyday tasks. Similarly, the right brain of a small business—the creativity and ingenuity that drive company ideas—can be suppressed by the energy spent on the oft tedious, day-to-day left-brain activity necessary for keeping that same business afloat.

Not having enough time, energy, or manpower to fuel both the creative and management-oriented sides of your small business can be a serious issue. With a virtual phone service such as Global Call Forwarding, however, much of the analytical, left-brain activity that is so necessary to survive in business can be automated and handed off to technology-based services. This frees you up to still get business done, while being able to think creatively.

For this reason, any small business owner can substantially benefit from the many features of a product like Global Call Forwarding, a virtual phone service designed to increase efficiency, heighten productivity, and allow you to focus more of your time on the right brain tasks of your small business—the ones that can bring increased innovation, organization, and, most importantly, revenue to your company.

The first step to improving your company may be signing up for a virtual phone service that offers features like voice to text, call recording, conference calling, and an auto attendant that answers calls professionally. At the end of the day, a virtual phone service can help alleviate those pounding headaches that can come from over-taxing your wonderfully wired brain.

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