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India Virtual Toll Free Number

Starting a business in India is perhaps one of the best decisions a person can make. India has a growing market and can easily accommodate thousands of startups every day. One of the few reasons that might just convince you of the fact is that India provides cost-effective services in just about every sector. It is a no brainer that a business cannot be established or function without a huge capital investment.

However, in India, you can get excellent results without having to invest as much as you would in any other country. Not only is it easy to set up a small scale business in India, it is also easy to find skilled labor and employees at nominal pay scales. India is loaded with people, that is their major asset but it is also their curse.

Another reason is the huge amount of talent in the country. Thousands of engineers graduate every year out of renowned universities. India also has some of the best business schools in the world where budding and sensational talent can be recruited from. Though recruitment may be difficult due to fierce competition, you will definitely be able to source and recruit talented people for the jobs you have to offer.

It is predicted that soon India might become equivalent to a developed nation from its current state of a developing one but they would have to clean up their water situation, streets, sanitation issues, and so on. India still has a ways to go. Hence the question, why think of any other place for a startup?

For all those who want to reach out to India without actually moving to the country – the best way to do so would be by getting an India virtual toll free number. These numbers make sure your client's calls are never missed and help you create a presence in India.

Any organization will want to outsource jobs or reach out to expand its business. But in order to do so, it needs to know about the country’s stability in growth and the current station of its economy. What is the status of India’s economy? Let’s see.

The Indian Economy

Considered to be one of the fasting growing economies in the world, the Indian Economy is the sixth-largest in the world and is expected to grow into the third largest in the next decade, according to the IBEF. The IMF even called India the “bright spot” in the global landscape.

What’s interesting is that the service sector, which is the largest contributor to India’s GDP, continues to be fastest growing service sector in the world, according to The Hindu. India is also the largest exporter of IT services such as BPO and telecommunications, making the IT industry the largest employer in the country. India has also become a fast-growing e-commerce market.

India's retail markets are currently estimated to be worth about $600 million and it topped the World Bank's outlook for the first time in 2015-16 with a growth of 7.6%. It is expected to grow by 8% by 2017.

Judging by this info, it is safe to say that India is where you should be investing capital, resources, and people.

What is an India Virtual Toll Free Number?

An India virtual toll free number is a virtual telephone number that forwards calls made by your clients to your telephone number without having the hassle of ISD codes.

The fact that you are getting an India virtual toll free number helps clients, because your clients aren’t billed for them and you do not have to spend loads of money either – you just have to pay in advance, a certain amount of money to be able to utilize toll free call forwarding. Also, a virtual number is programmed in such a way that if you are not present in person to attend the call, it will simply be forwarded to a customer service executive who represents your organization.

This number can be configured in different ways or you can have more than one number and attend calls simultaneously.

How is it Beneficial for You to Get an India Virtual Toll Free Number?

Getting an India virtual toll free number is beneficial in the following ways.

Credibility: Many international businesses do not have Indian-specific numbers. A lot of them are international toll-free numbers. An international brand having an Indian virtual toll-free number increases the credibility of your organization by miles.

Better Relations with Clients: If the clients are able to contact the establishment conveniently, despite the hurdle of time zones or telephone codes, the ease of access establishes solid, friendly relationships with your clients.

No Charges Incurred: Very few international brands have an Indian virtual toll-free number that is actually toll-free! Though the clients are not charged for the calls, they may incur international call charges which go against the entire purpose of having a virtual toll-free number. Having a completely free Indian virtual number takes you way ahead of many other competitors.

Privacy: Though it is toll-free, isn’t it still an international number? Wouldn’t people know that? Not really. For an Indian client, it’s an Indian number for customer service/questions. The system ensures that the privacies of you and your client are maintained.

Armed with so many advantages and benefits, you simply cannot go wrong in your decision to press the button to get an Indian virtual toll-free number. Contact us today to get more details on how you can subscribe for a virtual toll free number and to understand in detail, the many benefits of owning one for your businesses.

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