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There are a number of services that allow for you to park your number so it is waiting for you when you return from traveling or in the event you wish to use it again for any other reason. In the meantime, you do not have to pay the traditional phone service charges that you would normally pay when you are fully using your phone number.

Number parking means that while the number is parked, there are no incoming or outgoing calls on that phone. Global Call Forwarding offers Number Parking for both mobile lines and landlines, as well as virtual phone numbers. Rates may vary from country to country for the international numbers, but Global Call Forwarding offers very competitive rates when put side-by-side with its competitors.

With number parking, calling a number that is parked no longer leads to the phone ringing. It is also not assigned to anyone else. The person who has parked the phone number still owns the phone number. Inbound callers are typically directed to a message letting them know that their number has been parked. Callers can also typically leave the owner of the phone a message. Another option is to have calls made to a parked number forwarded to another number altogether.

There are a variety of scenarios that help to understand why the “keep phone number without service” idea makes sense. The first situation that comes to mind is when people think about canceling their landline, but instead, park the number to save money while not allowing for the number to be reassigned. People can save money doing this and save the hassle of having an extra phone that they do not really use any more. While that is certainly a good reason, there are a number of others, here is a look at them:


When someone moves from one home to another in the same area, there may be a gap in time between the time one leaves one home and settles into the new home. In this situation, a “keep phone number without service” scenario makes perfect sense to help those who own the number the opportunity to keep their number even when it is not in use. If someone is moving to a different area but doesn’t want to lose contact with people who have their number, then parking the number with notifications or forwarding is a great way to go. For someone who is moving their business, missed phone calls will most likely result in loss of revenue, so parking with forwarding is probably the best route to take.

Estate Management

When someone passes away, parking a phone number and having their calls forwarded can help to make sure that any important calls are not missed and costs are minimized.

Reducing Expenses

Businesses that wish to lower costs without putting their productivity and ability to serve their customers in jeopardy may find that the “keep phone number without service” is the best option for them. The phone number parking features can be a huge advantage in this type of scenario as it helps to eliminate costly phone hardware and expenses, making money more available to the business to be used in other areas.

Phone number parking and related features, such as call forwarding, can offer significant cost savings and efficiencies to those in either short term or long term situations. Global Call Forwarding has been in the business of providing telecommunication solutions both domestically in the United States and internationally across the globe for over two decades. In the “keep phone number without service” market, as well as all other products and services offered, Global Call Forwarding continues to make strides in innovation as well as technology. Superior customer service and products have kept Global Call Forwarding ahead of the game in comparison to its competitors and an aim to keep customers happy is what drives this telecom leader at its core.

F A Q | Keep a Phone Number Without Service

This service allows you to keep a number without it being used or in service. Incoming calls can be routed to another number so that you do not lose important calls.

Number parking is a telecommunications feature that enables one to keep a number without service.

Global Call Forwarding offers a number parking feature. Sign up on our website:

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