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1-800 Numbers For Mobile Devices

Toll-Free Forwarding

Toll-free forwarding, also known as call divert or call forwarding is a service that allow businesses to set up toll-free numbers in another city, state, or country, while routing calls made to those numbers to single or multiple devices. Subscribers can choose to receive calls directly on their toll-numbers or have them routed to a mobile number or a fixed landline.

Toll-Free Codes

There are a variety of toll-free prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. However, it is important to note that although they are all toll-free codes, they cannot be interchanged. For instance, 1-800-456-123-789 is not the same as 1-888-456-123-789.

What Are 1-800 Numbers?

1-800 numbers are toll free numbers that customers can call without incurring any call charges. Calls to 1-800 numbers are paid for by the subscriber. Toll free numbers are common to most companies and businesses. They have enriched the lives of hundreds of businesses as they provide an effective way to communicate with clients and customers across the world.

How Do 800 Numbers Work?

As explained earlier, 800 numbers are free to the calling party while the toll-free subscriber (businesses in many cases) are charged for calls based on minute-to-minute usage or an all inclusive plan. 800 numbers can be used on any device such as telephone landlines or mobile devices, however, charges may vary.

800 numbers can be used in any country and that is why customers are able to call a company’s 800 number free of charge. 800 numbers can be domestic or international, therefore subscribers may decide to select a domestic toll-free number or an international toll-free number depending on where their customers are located.

800 numbers can also be forwarded to your personal or business lines just like local phone numbers. A sales executive can subscribe to a toll-free forwarding service which allows them to forward calls from their 800 numbers to any of their mobile devices anywhere they are located globally.
Global Call Forwarding makes use of both traditional and computer based cloud systems in forwarding 800 numbers.

Who Needs an 800 Number?

One of the main goals of most companies is expansion. Therefore they are always looking for a means to capture a wider prospect base with the goal of acquiring new customers. 1-800 numbers are one of the many tools that businesses use to achieve this goal.

Every viable business needs to have a toll free number through which their customers can connect with them. Customers are more likely to call a business or company phone if they are aware that it is free. They will eventually see such a company as legitimate. Companies therefore take customer trust to their advantage by continuing to improve customer relations by providing better services and support.

Small businesses can take advantage of toll free numbers to help give them legitimacy. 1-800 numbers can make a small business appeal to a prospective customer as a larger business, which in turn will lead to more sales conversions.

For customers, having the cost of calling a company incurred by the company relieves the burden of call expenses. No customer wants to pay for calling a company. Imagine if they had to bear the cost for every time they make calls to a company to place orders, make complaints, give feedback, or make inquiries about their products and services… that would be a huge turn off, and would most likely drive business away rather than bring it in.

800 Numbers for Mobile Devices

More than a decade ago, 800 numbers were used basically by large businesses as the costs for having these numbers were quite expensive. But over the years, 800 numbers have become more affordable and accessible to all varieties of users – from businesses to individuals.

Toll free numbers and toll free forwarding services are now available on mobile devices, unlike many years ago when they were only available for landlines.

Small businesses tend to benefit more from toll free numbers forwarded to mobile phones because it allows them receive business calls on the go. Mobile phones have become a reliable tool for traveling business owners and sales personnel, as well. This is because mobile phones are handy and are used to gain access to emails as well as business calls. With Global Call Forwarding, business owners can forward their business calls to their mobile devices conveniently from their account management tab.

Forwarding Calls To Mobile Devices

Cloud technology has made communication a lot easier with numerous cloud based communications like Skype, SIP, as well as other VoIP systems. This system allows you to forward calls to multiple devices including landlines. Global Call Forwarding services allow subscribers to make changes on their online portal. Subscribers can choose multiple mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as destination or ring-to numbers. In addition, there is an option to direct multiple toll-numbers to your mobile devices with additional costs.

How To Get An 800 Number For Mobile Devices.

It is very easy and affordable to get a US toll free number for your mobile devices as long as you have access to the internet. A simple Google search will display the top toll-free number providers and call forwarding services. You will find Global Call Forwarding among the top of the list.

Once you sign up on the website, you will have access to an online account where you can designate your ring-to number which can be a mobile device. There are carrier codes that will allow you to forward calls to other mobile devices, if you wish.

Any business can begin utilizing the functionality of an 800 number which comes with numerous advanced features including sequential/ simultaneous forwarding, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call recording, customized greetings where individuals can create an outstanding greeting message to establish a personal connection with their customers. This can be easily done by using an automated greeting or uploading a professionally recorded greeting.

According to your business needs, other advanced features may include; local ring back tone, black and white list, roll over minutes, forward fax and much more. It is left to the subscriber to choose from these numerous advanced features for a quality communication experience.

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