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15 Annoying Things People Do At Work

15 annoying things people do at work

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Are you always irritated by your coworkers? Working in an office has its ups and downs especially when it comes to coworkers. On one hand, who else would you discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode with every week? On the other hand, their annoying little habits could begin to get under your skin after a short amount of time, especially if you’re dealing with them day after day, 40-hours per week. Maybe you work in a fantasy office where everyone is wonderful, courteous, hygienic, and helpful. It’s highly doubtful though, and if you’ve found that’s the case, then you’re probably the one annoying everybody. Check out these 15 annoying things people do at work and be sure to curb your habits accordingly.

Eating Smelly Food & Giving Off Weird Smells

One of the highest complaints among office workers is weird smells. This is probably a complaint of everyone on the planet, really. Some people are really sensitive to smells while others may not really care that you’re chowing down on your grandmother’s leftover tuna casserole. For the sake of the nasal-sensitive population, maybe opt for a sweet-smelling lunch. At the very least stay away from any sort of leftover seafood in the workplace. Another tip is to keep watch when you’re warming things up in the microwave. Leaving something in too long and burning it will permeate through an open floor office quickly, and it could easily get offensive.

Eating Loudly

Loud eaters are a huge irritant. There’s a lot of behavior that can be controlled when while enjoying a meal. For example, mouth noises, in general, make a lot of people shudder in disgust. Becoming aware of the noises you’re unintentionally making will make restraining the habit second nature. Also, try to keep your “yums,” fork clanking, fork scraping, and slurping to a minimum.

Never Helping with Office Chores

If you empty out the pot of coffee, don’t leave it to the next person to fill it up. Throwing away little pieces of debris and garbage makes the office look neater and it doesn’t take much energy. If your office has a dishwasher and your coffee mug is the last thing that will fit inside, run the dishwasher. It all seems like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people leave menial tasks to the next person.


It’s funny to watch someone being pranked on TV. Maybe you have been inspired by one of the elaborate hijinks you saw on The Office. The truth is that pranks aren’t that funny, and they’re really not funny when they go wrong or when it happens to you. In a professional work setting, it is important to stay professional. Imagine that someone tricked you with a water bottle prank and now you have to head into your meeting with a wet stain down your shirt. Or how bad you would feel if you surprised Linda in finance so badly she fainted.

Talking Loudly on the Phone

Sometimes you need to make a phone call to a client and that is quite understandable. However, there would be no reason to loudly carry on the phone conversation with your client so audibly that everyone within a 20-foot radius can hear you. Be conscious of your fellow coworkers and use a moderate level of volume to communicate if you’re in close quarters. If you are taking a personal call because of an emergency, it should be handled discreetly.

Having a Messy Desk

Collecting trash and half-drunk coffee mugs at your desk may not bother you, but it is definitely bothering your fellow co-workers. (It’s also just gross.) If your desk is a haphazard mess, consider organizing everything. It will stop your co-workers from looking at you with their judging stares and it will help you to work more efficiently.

The Nosy Co-Worker

This person knows everything about everyone. The go-to guy or gal for the juiciest gossip. They somehow know exactly who is about to get fired and who got steamy at the office Christmas Party. It might be tempting to indulge in their gossip from time to time, that is until the gossip becomes about you.

Asking what You Did Over the Weekend

This one may seem harmless, but when you’re the 10th person to ask it becomes irritating. It’s great that you’re trying to make pleasant conversation, but this question is so stale you might as well ask them how they feel about the weather.

Shouting Over Cubicles

Don’t even think about doing this one. Stand up and walk over to the person you need to speak with. If you don’t feel like leaving your cubicle, consider sending an email or a chat. Sometimes it pays to remember you are in a professional environment.

Borrowing Things Without Asking

This lesson goes all the way back to preschool, and even though it was a long time ago, it’s still an important lesson to remember. Don’t just grab things off of people’s desks; make sure you ask first. If they’re not at their desk at the current moment that doesn’t give you permission to leave with their things. Wait a minute or ask someone else. “Borrowing” without asking is pretty much akin to stealing, so get permission first.

Listening to Loud Music/ Singing to Said Music

If you’ve made it this far down the list, then you have realized that being loud in general is not acceptable. A quiet office can be maddening, but luckily you’ve got the option of using a pretty amazing invention: headphones. Earbuds allow you to listen to all of your favorite tunes without having to share it with anyone. Unfortunately, headphones can’t stop you from harmonizing with Beyonce, so try to refrain even when it gets to the bridge.


People will be a lot more impressed with you if you are humble about your accomplishments.

Taking Credit for Other People’s Work

If your group has just achieved a major accomplishment, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Taking credit for someone else’s work may benefit you in the short term, but it definitely won’t work out in the long run.

Eating Other People’s Food

This is just plain mean. It shows a complete disregard for others and if you’re not being slick about it, people will definitely start to complain about you to the bosses. (It’s also stealing if you don’t have permission. Don’t do this!)

Coming into Work Sick

Coughing and sneezing all day at a desk is not only miserable for you, it is miserable for everyone around you. If you’re contagious, do everyone, including yourself, a favor and steer clear until you’re better. People will treat you like a pariah all day anyway, so you might as well take some time to recover. If you don’t want to take a sick day, ask if you can work from home.

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