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2018 Mobile Marketing Trends

2018 mobile marketing trends

The consumer market is shifting in favor of mobile users at an unprecedented rate. Mobile devices are the most popular products for accessing websites, apps, and e-commerce sites. As we discuss some of the most important mobile trends worth noting, here are some stats to keep in mind:

  • In the U.S., people spend over 87 hours/ month on the internet via smartphones.
  • Over 50% of Google searches are done from a smartphone.
  • More than half of all consumers will pick up their cell phones and tablets before using a laptop or desktop if given the option.

Mobile technologies can no longer be ignored when creating websites and providing virtual solutions. As an entrepreneur, understanding mobile trends will set you on a smoother path to business expansion. Innovation is at the forefront of mobile tech.

While technology is constantly evolving, here are three exciting mobile trends in 2018 that are here to stay.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become the Preferred Marketing Tool

Due to the rise of deep learning and artificial intelligence(AI), the days of “one advertisement fits all” is quickly becoming outdated. AI is utilizing mobile user data in a powerful way, and its impact has 80% of advertising experts and marketing professionals in agreement with the prediction that the landscape of marketing will be completely different by 2020.

To become an influencer in the competitive world of online marketing, businesses must appeal to online consumers on a more personal level by understanding their individual preferences. Amazon and Google are prime examples of companies that are using AI to hold their positions as online powerhouses.

Mobile tech users are especially diverse, but marketing will be more responsive due to artificial intelligence and its ability to understand user behavior, creating a customized experience when shopping and browsing the internet.

Apps Will Be More Versatile

In the past, most apps had a sole purpose, but consumers no longer want to download a different app for different tasks. Smartphone owners use at least nine apps daily and download 30 apps each month.

Apps are now serving as personal assistants and leisure tools. To remain competitive and retain users, apps will need to be multifunctional without bandwidth. While people are still using apps to play games and chat with friends, they are also looking to apps when making key business decisions and organizing their personal lives.

couple cellphone
Source: O#1202 – ID#100065781257

App developers must focus on a satisfactory user experience and building products that assist with daily life activities. Furthermore, these apps must align with the values of a company brand and mission. For example, if an app is being built for the purpose of finding places to eat, it could also include recipes created by restaurant chefs. Likewise, a calendar app could also include a to-do list for time-sensitive tasks.

Speed Will Have A Greater Impact on Online Businesses

Influential brands know the importance of incredibly fast load times for web pages, but this detail is now critical for all businesses as they brand their companies online. The fast pace of internet technology makes a minute feel like a lifetime for front-end users.

An undesirable bounce rate can cause your business to lose valuable site members in a matter of mere seconds. To be more specific, most mobile web users won’t wait longer than three seconds. If it takes longer than three seconds for a site page to load, 53 percent of mobile site visitors leave the page. At five seconds, 90 percent of users won’t stick around until the website finishes loading.

Use the Latest Mobile Trends to Your Advantage

As the human population continues to increase, it’s safe to assume the use of mobile technologies will keep rising. Keeping up in the mobile market means companies will have to keep up with modern consumers who favor mobility when accessing the internet. When society went totally mobile, the way we access information evolved.

Today’s mobile trends provide businesses with a plethora of opportunities to attract new customers and engage the online market on a global scale. In 2018, the average mobile user is far more tech-savvy than consumers in the past. While adjusting to the demands of the modern mobile user may be challenging, the ROI of catering to this forward-thinking audience will be well worth it.

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