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Biking with Uber: When Cars Just Don’t Cut it Anymore

biking with uber

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Uber has been working hard for quite some time with their partner, JUMP, focused on electric bikes, in an effort to bring a better alternative to ridesharing. Now you can pedal to work instead of sitting in rush hour traffic or cramming yourself into an overcrowded train or bus. As of now, the bike-sharing program from Uber and JUMP is available in nine cities across North America, and electric scooters are available in Santa Monica, California. The electric bikes started off in San Francisco and quickly expanded to other cities such as New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC.

Although the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, believes that the scooters and the bicycles will not be as profitable in the short term, he wanted to give his users an alternative. The electric JUMP bikes are a simple and convenient alternative for shorter trips. You can order a JUMP bike just like you would an Uber car by going to the app and selecting to reserve a nearby JUMP bicycle or scooter.

Bikes VS Cars

Uber has already seen a rise in bike use over cars in San Francisco. A majority of users are using the bikes to get to work and back home during the normal 8AM – 6PM weekday rush. The rise in popularity of the new bikes has also given hope back to city officials worried about the effects of so many vehicles on the environment. Now, the number of people in major cities who are traveling by car to work every day have the chance to switch to a bike and reduce their carbon footprint. As cities keep growing in population and carbon emissions get harder and harder to control, these new bike sharing companies may be the best answer.

Source: O#1202 – ID#100159034590

Lyft is on the Action, too!

Lyft, one of Uber’s biggest rivals in the transportation industry, has also launched their own bike share program this past July. Lyft teamed up with the bikeshare operation Motivate which operates the biggest bike share systems in the US, like Citi bikes in New York City and Nice Ride in Minneapolis. So, whether you are loyal to Uber or Lyft, you can find and reserve a bike near you – provided you live in one of the limited cities. However, that’s not to say that bike sharing may not be in your city soon. Both Uber and Lyft have plans to expand beyond their current cities.

Biking Ups the Efficiency in Many Ways

For short trips, bike rides might be the quickest and most convenient way to get to where you need to go. If waiting in traffic or wasting a tank of gas is the alternative to a quick ride on an electric bike, then the choice becomes clear. Also, because the JUMP bikes and scooters are electric, you won’t have to exert yourself too much. This is great news is if you’re on the way to work and don’t want to walk in with an embarrassing pool of sweat down your back. Also giving people a choice between public transit, ridesharing, and biking means less congestion everywhere. People want the choice of how they will get to where they need to be. Some people are averse to traffic, some can’t stand a crowded train or bus, and others simply can’t or won’t ride a bike. More options mean more satisfied people!

Biking certainly won’t overtake and replace driving any time in the very near future, but it is definitely a great alternative for getting around a busy city. Leisure riders have the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the cities that they live in when they don’t own a bike themselves. And health-conscious people can add an extra dose of exercise to their daily routines.

There are so many benefits of bike sharing: leisure exercise, improvements to the environment, and cost-effectiveness. When you add up all of these advantages and compare them to the disadvantages of riding in a car, like sitting in traffic, the many expenses, and damage to the environment, it seems that when you have the option to take a bike, then maybe you should give it go.

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