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Call Forwarding as a Tool for World Travelers

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Gillian Melton is a travel writer, that means she’s often flying to an overseas destination to review a hotel or resort. When she traveled, Gillian used to carry two phones and juggle the different rates between carriers. This is because she found that different carriers offer varying roaming rates, so she would pick one with the most affordable charges and routinely switch handsets.

Sometimes, to avoid the price of a second phone, Gilliam would switch SIM cards. But this came with its own problems, such as backing up data, having to transfer her primary number and the risk of loss or theft. But then everything changed. She heard about call forwarding and communicating while traveling became a breeze almost instantly.

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a cool service which allows you to have all incoming calls to your smartphone routed to another phone number. The receiving number could be your home phone, office phone, your hotel room, or another mobile number. As soon as a caller dials your forwarding number, the call is routed directly without your primary mobile ringing first.

How to Use Call Forwarding as a Tool for Worldwide Traveling

Call forwarding was a lifesaver for Gillian because it made things so much easier when she was on an overseas assignment. Call forwarding can also help you in many ways, depending on where and how you are traveling. For example, if you are going on vacation, you may wish to forward your calls to an alternative number so that you won’t be interrupted when you are relaxing. Also, if you are in a busy meeting or you don’t feel like answering the phone, you can have calls forwarded to another member of staff.

How Can You Set Up Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is handled slightly differently depending on which call forwarding service you choose. When you choose Global Call Forwarding, they will provide you will a virtual phone number. You can purchase a subscription, and there is no contract or commitment, and you can have a number that is located anywhere in the world. Calls that are made to this number can then be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone, your hotel, or your business call center. You can also use this number to make outbound calls.

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An Example of Call Forwarding in Action

Let’s take a look at how Gillian used call forwarding as a tool for world travel. Last month, she had to take a trip to Hong Kong to review a hotel and conference center. She knew that while she was there, she would need to make appointments to meet with several people, and she needed to stay in touch with them for the duration of her visit. Before she went on her trip, she signed up with Global Call Forwarding for a virtual Hong Kong number. That way she was able to give the number to her business contacts before she arrived in the country. Before and during her stay they were able to call her using the local Hong Kong number, and all the calls were forwarded to her smartphone.

This impressed her clients because it was so convenient, and they had no idea that they were calling a virtual number. Furthermore, she never missed a call.

If she was already in a meeting when someone called, she could even have voicemail messages emailed to her, so she could read them without interrupting her meeting. These are just some of the perks of virtual call forwarding for international travelers.

Let’s suppose you and your newlywed live in the U.S., but you are traveling to Paris for your honeymoon. You might think that you would have to use different phones to switch between locations and SIM cards, but that’s not the case. A virtual call forwarding service allows you to subscribe to a local Paris number, so you can make and receive phone calls as you travel. Imagine how much money this will save you because you won’t have to pay for international dialing charges or roaming fees.

Additionally, you may have made some new Parisian friends with whom you would like to keep in touch with when you get home. You can give them your virtual number, and they can call you when you’re back in the States, and it will only cost them the price of a local call. So, it will remain easy for you and your friends to stay in touch long after your honeymoon is over.

As you can see, call forwarding is a great tool for world travelers. If you want to find out more about how virtual call forwarding can help you when you travel overseas, contact Global Call Forwarding today and subscribe to virtual numbers all over the world.

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