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Electric Unicycles That Go Like… Really Fast

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Have you seen, in person, the electric unicycles that go like… really fast? As battery technology continues to advance, electric ride-ables of all types are evolving at the same time. If you haven’t considered it yet, one especially cool ride that is growing in popularity is the electric unicycle. While a unicycle certainly demands more time and effort from a user in mastering them in comparison to something like an electric skateboard or a hoverboard, with some practice, many riders will learn to love the increased range provided by an electric unicycle as well as the speed and versatility that these ride-ables offer.

The Top Unicycle Picks

In reviewing some of the electric unicycles that go super fast, here are some of the top picks when comparing specifications and other features:

The Swagtron Swagroller is one of the best high-performance electric unicycles out there. It is a very contemporary-looking offering and it is totally on-trend as a self-balancing electric unicycle. This one comes with a beginner’s kit that is fairly simple to use and includes training wheel accessories that allow for the user to gain some strength and confidence in getting used to riding this unicycle. This electric unicycle has a lot of speed and is resilient to various types of climate. Specifically, it works very well in challenging terrain, because of a very unique wheel design. This unicycle is also priced very moderately, which is always a plus.

The Segway One S1 is another one of the best electric unicycles. Though it struggles on any type of challenging terrain, it is great on solid ground. Also, it offers learning stages to help a rider master the unit with and without the training wheels. There are several designs to choose from to appeal to various tastes and it works with an app that helps the rider to control settings. The Segway One S1 is also very small; it can even easily fit into a backpack for those on the go.

The Inmotion V8 is a contemporary unicycle with superb functionality and it can run at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, absolutely allowing it to the fit into the category of electric unicycles that go like… really fast. This unicycle has great range, well-executed design that is very weather resistant, and it is easy to master with the training guide that comes along with it. The Inmotion V8 also has a handlebar, which makes it easy to pull around rather than having to carry it.

The ArtWheel KingSong is yet another one of the electric unicycles that goes really fast. This unicycle was designed for music lovers. It has quad speakers built in, the ride is lightweight, and it’s easy to carry. It also gets charged fairly quickly and has a battery that can be removed in order to upgrade.Setting itself apart for speed especially, the Apex Star I SP800 Speeder has been ranked as the fastest of the electric unicycles that go crazy fast. This unicycle offers great mileage and comfortable speed, which allows a rider to cruise across further distances. It is a wonderful unicycle for a beginner, because it comes with self-balancing technology. The Apex Star I SP800 boasts 22 miles per hour speed and is known to be a super fun ride.

Electric Unicycles: More Efficient Than the Average Toy

When compared to hoverboards, unicycles are better for both distance and speed. Electric unicycles that go like… really fast are made to cover a greater amount of mileage in ways that typical unicycles and bicycles cannot. This takes into account the distance each is able to cover, the maximum speed, and the angle degree each is able to go over.

Aside from being trendy, electric unicycles that go like… really fast also have to be made with good design as this affects performance. Unicycles are more efficient to their riders if they are made of light materials. This makes them run better. Also, lighting makes them easier to travel on at night for safety reasons. LED lights as indicators for battery power consumption or other alerts are other details that the best ones feature. A strong frame and shell are also important.

Do Your Research When Choosing a Model

Other important things to consider when looking at electric unicycles are weight capacity, battery power, motor power, and the value for the money. Purchasing an electric unicycle of any kind isn’t going to be particularly cheap. When shopping for electric unicycles that go like… really fast, one should do their due diligence in researching options, features, and prices on a variety of different models and make a selection based on what is the all-around best fit for them.

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