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Flying With Qatar Airways Internationally

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As the demand for air travel increases every year, airlines are constantly in a race to win the largest customer base by expanding their flight networks, as well as innovations in passenger experience. This has brought about a competition between airlines operating in multiple destinations across the world. While some airlines are striving to provide the best in specific areas of air travel, others are simply trying to be the best in every area of the industry.

If you are a frequent traveler, you are probably familiar with the airlines that offer the best on- and off-board services, the cheapest air fares per quality of services offered, as well as many other factors that help you determine which airlines rank at the top for international travels.

When you are in the process of finding the right airline to fly with, depending on your destination, factors such as air fare, classes offered, direct flight, and stopovers are some of the key indicators you’re most likely looking for. Depending on your budget and preferences, you may decide to fly with an airline that offers direct long-haul flights, or you may choose a flight with stopovers which allow you to do some sightseeing at the same time.

One of the best airlines to fly internationally is Qatar Airways. This is because they cover all the bases in terms of customer experience and quality on-board services and features.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a state-owned airline that operates from it base in Doha. The airline was founded in 1992, but it did not begin operations until early 1997. The airline serves over 150 countries spanning 6 continents, and has a fleet of 200+ airplanes.

Qatar Airways, though young in age, has earned much critical acclaim and recognition as one of the best airlines to travel with in the world. It has also been awarded a five star rating by Skytrax, placing it among the world’s most elite airlines. Qatar Airways won the award for Best Airline in 2011, 2012, 2015, and most recently in 2017. The airline has also been recognized as the fastest growing airline in the world. It has earned a reputation for offering one of the best business class seats in the aviation industry, ever.

Within just a decade of operations, Qatar Airways has become one of the most preferred airlines, winning the trust and confidence of travelers through its air travel innovations and flight rates. Also more importantly, the airline offers a wide traveling network, as well as unrivalled customer service. Additionally, Qatar’s home base is the beautiful five star airport, the Hamad International Airport in Doha, the nation’s capital.

Qatar Airways is the first airline to begin an all-business-suite flight aboard it’s newly acquired fleet of 777-300ERs earlier in 2017. The driving force behind this airline is to give customers the best flying experience attainable, hence the consistent innovations. Flying with Qatar Airways is indeed an experience to look forward to.

Qatar Airways International Flights

Qatar Airways offers a variety of flight features for all types of travelers, whether you are a frequent business traveler or are flying on a budget; the airline will have something for you. Its range of international flight features are aimed at capturing customers from around the world, and what better way to achieve this other than by offering flights to over 150 destinations on 6 continents?

There is a very high probability that Qatar Airways has a flight heading to your destination at the most competitive and affordable prices.

Travel Classes

Qatar Airways offers long-haul international flights and is the only airline to offer the world’s longest non-stop flight from Doha to New Zealand, lasting about 18 hours.

Qatar Airways offers three classes on most of its international flights across the world including first class, business class, and economy class. There are a variety of features that passengers in all three classes have access to, including seatback TV screens that come with access to a state of the art, on-board entertainment system.

Economy Class

The economy class offers a wider space and more leg room compared to many other airlines. Qatar Airways is known to offer one of the widest seating areas for their long-haul flights in the industry, with adequate space to engage in personal activities, sleep, eat, and stretch.

Each seat also includes an amenity kit containing some basic essentials like eye masks, socks, earplugs, and so on. You will get the pleasure of enjoying fresh, delicious meals and beverages on your flight, offering a greater level of satisfaction for your trip.

You can bring your business on-board by connecting your computer using the power outlets and USB ports that are available. Wi-Fi services are offered on Qatar’s A380, A350, B787, A319, and selected A330, A320, and A321 aircrafts.

Business Class

Qatar Airways is a business traveler’s delight. They have a solid reputation as an award-winning business class airline that has excelled as a provider of quality passenger experiences. Like the economy class, passengers get to enjoy a wide selection of entertainment options from movies to TV shows, to sports, and much more.

Qatar Airways has picked up several honors and awards in the world’s best business class category over its 10 years in operation. Their business class seats offer the best in comfort and style, as well as personal space; notably why they are one of the best airlines in the world. Their business class section provides ample work space for conducting business while in the air, allowing you to maximize your productivity more than ever.

Additionally, luxury amenities from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio are offered, to add to the sense of wellness during your flight. Business travelers are also given the pleasure of enjoying the finest cocktails while sampling signature dishes, exclusive to Qatar Airways, continuing on with the pampering.

When it comes to storing your personal belongings, a generous amount of space is provided. The cabin is fitted with innovative LED lights designed to help you adjust to the different time zones.

First Class

Qatar Airways first class is a definitely in a class all its own. It offers a prime combination of excellence, luxury, comfort, and style. The first class cabin features elegantly styled, luxurious décor reminiscent of a five star hotel.

The seats are very comfortable and they convert into flat beds, offering the benefit of restful sleep. Another great feature of the first class cabin is the lounge area where you can stretch your legs and unwind further if you need to. An exclusive bar is provided, ready and stocked with exotic wines and beverages to enhance the journey.

You will also have access to an excellent personal service staff that caters to all your needs while onboard. Qatar Airways cabin crew have been awarded for excellence in service so you can always expect the best. Qatar Airways offers you a luxurious experience from check-in, until you reach your destination.

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