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Gain Credibility with Toll Free Numbers

howe to get credibility with toll free numbers

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Most of the sales activity for any business today is done online which can make you wonder if it is even important to have a 1-800 number. However, having a toll free number can actually be helpful for your business. Many huge corporations use toll free numbers, but did you know that you could get one even for a small business? Having a toll free number at a smaller business can make your company appear much bigger than it actually is. 1-800 numbers boost credibility for any business and they’re actually very simple to get.

Why Every Business Needs a Toll Free Number

A toll free number literally means there is no toll for the call, so the caller does not have to pay to make the phone call. The number is billed to the company that receives the phone call, instead. Customers are more likely to call a business that is toll free because they know that they will not be charged for asking a question. Toll free numbers are different than collect calls, which use the opposite method for charging. In that case, the caller would make the payment to call the receiver.

Reasons to Get Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are customarily seen as the norm for a large corporation, but as previously mentioned it is easy to get a toll free number for smaller businesses, too. At Global Call Forwarding you can even personalize your own 1-800 vanity number to spell out whatever you like. With a catchy 1-800 name, this will help to increase brand awareness which means more sales. If you’re still not convinced check out these awesome benefits of having toll free numbers for your business.

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1. Improve your customer satisfaction rate

The simplest way that a virtual toll free number improves customer service is that it ensures someone will be available to answer the phone. A business that does not offer a contact number does not give off an air of legitimacy. If there is no way to contact a company when something goes wrong, there will be no way to fix errors. This is not the right way to gain loyal customers. Since you opted for a toll free number, customers can call at any time and know that their problems will be solved.

2. 800 numbers are easy to remember

Instead of having to remember 10 jumbled digits that don’t make sense, a 1-800 number is much easier to remember. This is especially true if you opt for a vanity number like 1-800-JACUZZI, which makes no mistake about what you do, and your place in the industry.

3. They provide flexibility

If you have multiple businesses across the country, your customers can use your toll free number to get information from any store in one place. Furthermore, if you decide to move your business to another city, state, or even country, you won’t have to worry about changing your phone number. You can easily re-route all of your incoming phone calls to your new location when you choose to use the virtual toll free phone number service from Global Call Forwarding. And you can keep your virtual phone number, too. There will be no reason to have to switch to a different phone number, either, since you chose to use a toll free number.

4. Use your toll free number for marketing

Toll free numbers can be used as a very useful marketing tool. When choosing Global Call Forwarding as your virtual phone provider you will receive many useful features along with your new number. These features and your account are easy to use and can help you track details about your customer’s habits. You can go through your account and see what’s working for your business, along with the things that you can eliminate by seeing real data.

Choosing the right service provider for your toll free number is the key to having a reliable phone service that your customers will love. To access a free trial to Global Call Forwarding, simply visit or call their toll free number at 1 (888) 908 6171.

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