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Getting a US Phone Number

Competition in the US economy today is stronger than ever and many markets have thick barriers to entry. These barriers make it increasingly difficult for small businesses and especially international businesses to get a foothold in a new market. Luckily, business communications does not have to be one of those barriers preventing your company from breaking into your target market.

Get a US number through Global Call Forwarding’s website and activated instantly with a free trial. Customers that already have a number are able to port their number over and use it through Global Call Forwarding’s services. Furthermore there are a number of features that come with the service including:

  • Call recording
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Local Ringback
  • Rollover Minutes
  • Voicemail
  • Customized Greeting

Once you begin the process and a US phone number is either ported over or you select a new one, you will be prompted to pick a monthly plan. Select which option best suits your business’ needs and rates per month/per minute vary with each plan. A display of the different plan options is shown as an example above.gcf shopping cart
The shopping cart page allows you to review your plan before you are prompted to enter your contact information and pay. The shopping cart above displays a “Power Plan” being purchased in the United States.
One you reach the checkout you will input your billing information as well as method of payment. As soon as the order is confirmed you will receive an email to validate the account and activate your phone number. The display above is an example of how your checkout will look.
Once the account is finalized and number is activated customers can take advantage of their personal account manager assigned to help them with any technical needs. Global Call Forwarding also has 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Getting a US Number to Maximize Communication

As the world’s largest economy, its no surprise that the US is a target market for many businesses. Those looking to expand operations in the American market will find customer-to-business communication to be absolutely essential. Consumers in the US are very quick to make decisions and if one business is not accommodating enough, they will not hesitate to move their search to another. One way to ensure that the customer does not seek business elsewhere is by keeping an open flow of communication with them.

Fortunately, today’s innovation and development in the telecommunications industry has made this inexpensive and easy to do. Owning and operating multiple phone numbers has become common practice in today’s fast paced economy. Even a small business will find it advantageous to have a local number as well as a toll free number. The local number is important to have as it provides a reference point to customers, assuring them that they are connecting to someone around them. The toll free number is important as it can be used by customers anywhere within the US free of charge.

Global Call Forwarding’s system allows you to operate with a virtual presence around the world with local or toll free numbers. International businesses looking to expand into the US market may not be able to afford a physical office. In fact, they may not even have a need for one, but doing business in America will require the business at least get a US number. This is the point of contact US customers will use to reach the business. The phone number serves as a “virtual office” that presents a more local image to customers in the US.

For example, a company based in Europe decides it wants to expand operations into the United States. They cannot afford or do not need a physical presence in the US, but they do need a way to communicate with their customers. The company decides to get a US toll free number that customers can call free of charge. Each call will then be forwarded to an agent located back home in Europe. This process is the most direct, cost efficient method of communication between the customer and business

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