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Hilarious Questions and Answers on Quora

Funny Quora questions and answers

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Quora serves as an open platform to get answers to all types of questions. Everyone needs answers at one point or another. If you have spent any time on the platform, then it is almost guaranteed that you have noticed a multitude of hilarious questions and answers on Quora. You know the old saying that no question is a stupid question? Well, many people have taken that quite literally. Some of them are a little more subtly hilarious than others, but there is certainly no shortage and this is noticed pretty much immediately. Many site visitors turn to Quora for answers to very serious questions related to business communication, fitness, health, and other life situations. Others turn to Quora for more light and general life questions, regarding where to travel to, recipes and book recommendations. Every once in a while though, everyone needs a break from the serious and it is easy to get a laugh from some of the hilarious questions and answers on Quora.

After just two minutes into a scan through some of the questions, I came across the question, “What would you do if you woke up as a little girl?” That one is a little strange and funny. Next, I came across the question, “I have had 5 girlfriends so far, but I still haven’t found happiness. What should I do?” I am sure the person was very serious about this question and looking for some help in this area. A person who posted a response to it, however, had anything but “serious” on the mind. They responded with, “Maybe you need 1 Boyfriend.” You have to admit, that is hilarious.

Some of the hilarious questions and answers on Quora have a little bit of a serious streak to them; that is, they make a valid point while still managing to be hilarious. One question reads, “What do you call a girl who flirts with more than one guy?” This question is puzzling. I didn’t know there were guidelines with regard to how many people a single person is allowed to flirt with, whether they are a girl or a guy. One Quora member responded with, “Whatever her name happens to be.” That seems like the most obvious thing to call someone – by her name!

Another hilarious, put-someone-in-their-place response was to a question that reads, “Why don’t billionaire males have more physically attractive wives?” A Quora user responded with, “Because those who have brains to make billions, have the brains not to marry a woman only based on her looks.” Direct, accurate, and hilarious.

There are hilarious questions and answers on Quora that will literally make you laugh out loud. One question reads, “If I call a girl 37 times while she’s sleeping will it say 37 missed calls on her phone or just 1 missed call?” A Quora user responded with, “It will say ‘restraining order.”

Though Quora is used to ask many insightful questions about the universe, history, medicine and many other topics in between, it is also used to ask completely nonsensical questions that are sure to give you a chuckle.

Funniest quora questions.
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Here are a few more hilarious questions:

  • How do I calculate the fair price of a girlfriend using asset pricing theory?
  • Can jellyfish suffer from depression?
  • How many ugly babies do maternity nurses see in a lifetime?
  • Imagine you are a 10x nun in a bear costume from outer space with opposable thumbs about to engage in a fight to the death with another nun, who may or may not be in a bear disguise. In front of you two lie a hunting knife and a baseball bat. If you pick one, the other nun will choose the other weapon. Which one would you pick and why?

And when scanning hilarious questions and answers on Quora, here are some of the hilarious answers I spotted:

  • To the question, “Why does my Chinese girlfriend call me her stupid American?” someone responded with, “Because her other American is smarter.”
  • To the question that reads, “What happens when the sperm of a man penetrates the egg of a fish?” someone responded with, “Let me guess, mermaids?”

The bottom line is that there is no shortage of interesting information as well as entertaining information in the form of hilarious questions and answers on Quora. There are questions that you will read and simply nod your head in disbelief to and others that spark thousands of comments, upvotes, and intelligent discussions. Quora has mastered the hosting of this Q&A platform that has the ability to quench the thirst of the curious mind and to entertain the mind that just needs a break with some light, humorous reading. Nothing like a quick laugh, right?

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