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How To Make Telemarketers Go Away

how to make telemarketers go away

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There are very few things that people hate more than telemarketers. These unwanted phone calls, robocalls, and text messages are so common, they’re actually a top complaint at the FCC. The FCC has implemented new rules on these robocalls, but there are things that you as a consumer should know if you no longer want to be bothered by telemarketers.

Not all companies are the same, but luckily they do follow by a similar set of guidelines when it comes to calling you. If you don’t answer the call, you will most likely be put on a “no answer” call list, which to them means, call them back in as little as 12 hours to more than 3 days later. So if you do not want to be called every few days or every 12 hours, then it is best to get it over with and answer the phone call.

Once you have answered the phone, the telemarketer will try to keep you on the phone for as long as it takes to get you to buy something. While they are speaking to you, they will also log important things that they find out about you. So how do you get these telemarketers to go away? First, you need to stop doing these 4 things.

Hanging Up

When you answer the phone and find out that the person on the other end is a telemarketer or robocall and trying to sell you something, your first reaction is to probably just hang up the phone, but as mentioned previously, that won’t help your cause. You’ll get placed on the “no answer” list and will be called back every few days. And if you hang up after you’ve told the telemarketer no once or twice, they will call back and claim that you were “disconnected.” The calls don’t stop just because you hang up.


Do not give the telemarketer fodder to call you back. Don’t humor the telemarketer on the other line and ask questions about the product like you’re genuinely interested and you’re honestly not. They’ll call you back over and over again because you have made them believe that there is a chance you will buy something.

Getting Angry

If you get angry at a telemarketer because they keep calling you or try to keep you on the line, this will just end up with you being tortured with more calls. They will put you right back in the “no answer” list and the calls will keep coming with a vengeance. However, if a telemarketer gets rude with you then it is perfectly acceptable to ask to speak to their supervisor and complain.

Ending The Call Without A Hard No

If you tell the telemarketer that you are not interested in the product, they may actually hear that you are not interested today, but you might be interested tomorrow, and they will call you back. If you tell them that you’re busy right now, that’s fine with them, they will call back at a different time, one that works for your schedule.

So, now that you know what not to do, what should you do? It’s actually simpler than you might have thought.

Say, “Please, put me on your do not call list.” If they continue to engage, keep repeating the sentence. Do not engage, do not show human emotion, simply say that you want to be put on the do not call list. Be very firm when saying this sentence, but remain calm. You do not want to open up the interaction for questions or concerns from the telemarketer. And if you are not already on this national do not call list, then you should definitely register now. Being on this list makes it illegal for companies to keep pestering you with phone calls, however, the rules do not apply to non-profit companies. If you ask the non-profit company to put you on the do not call list firmly, there is no reason why they would continue to call you.

If you follow these rules without getting angry, engaging with the telemarketer, or hanging up, the phone calls will disappear and you can return to a life where phone calls bring you joy instead of anxiety.

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