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Is Twitter Still Necessary Business?


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Social media is has become an essential tool to bring attention to your business, but the landscape of the virtual social scene can change quickly. There are numerous social media platforms to choose from, but business owners must choose wisely. Spending time and company money on social media marketing requires planning and budgeting, but your efforts may prove futile if your chosen platform isn’t popular with consumers.

This brings us to a question many business owners are asking. Is Twitter still relevant for your business in the year 2018?

To answer this question, we’ll look at the numbers first. Twitter’s 2017 first quarter report would lead one to assume that Twitter was losing traction, but 2018’s numbers proved otherwise. In 2017, Twitter reported 116 million in losses and a 14% drop in stocks. By early 2018, Twitter boasted 336 million users with a 21% increase in revenue.

With a growing user base and a steady flow of activity, Twitter is still a relevant social media platform for businesses. Here are more reasons to use Twitter for your business.

Twitter Is A Strategic Tool

The Twittersphere is now an inclusive platform for social media users looking to stay current on local and world news, socialize, and keep up with their favorite companies. So, how do you connect with such diverse audiences? The answer lies in your approach.

As Twitter began to operate as an informational outlet instead of serving solely as a social media platform, businesses could use this as a competitive advantage. Twitter shouldn’t be used to grow a large following or beat the algorithm to be seen first. Instead, Twitter is a place to make genuine connections and convert potential fans to long-term customers.

Twitter Is Ideal For Customer Engagement

Twitter may not be the most popular social media platform, but it remains a powerful engagement tool for brands. Well-known businesses often use Twitter to reply directly to customer questions. Small companies also boost their online presence via Twitter by reaching out to anyone who mentions their company or product.

A quick tip: Say thank you in a tweet and follow up with a direct message that offers a special deal to customers if you’re using the platform to grow your business.

Business owners continue to treat Twitter as an outlet to show some personality and have fun with other users. Because Twitter uses the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), many companies will use GIFs to tell jokes and add some lighthearted content instead of strictly advertising.

Source: O#23559 – ID#100024842955

Twitter Is Valuable When Customizing Your Marketing Approach

Do you know what it is that your customers want and expect from your business? This can be a difficult question to answer, but Twitter can help you to gain valuable insight.

Instagram and Facebook are the platforms where most people will see your latest updates and advertisements when you consider the popularity factor. But if you’re using Twitter effectively, your marketing efforts will still have favorable returns.

Twitter users are a mix of your loyal fans and today’s modern consumer. Therefore, incorporating Twitter into your marketing research should help you extract non-biased information. Using Twitter research, your business will be able to further identify (and cater to) your target customer.

Another tip: Running a campaign that gives deals specifically via Twitter is another effective marketing strategy to gain followers and keep customers engaged with your content.

Use Twitter To Improve Your Customer Service Ratings

Search Twitter for your company name to see what users are saying about your services. Remember, not everyone uses the Twitter mention feature. Keep in mind, when someone doesn’t use the “@” symbol for a mention, you won’t receive a direct notification.

If you find any negative feedback after searching your company name, don’t let it linger. Address issues publicly to show your concern and willingness to help. Responding to customer concerns lets everyone who is researching your company online know that your business is trustworthy and responsive.

Twitter Is A Now A Storytelling Platform

Think about this: initially on Twitter, there was a limit of 140 characters per tweet. Today, the character limit is 280 characters. Doubling the character limits make Twitter more ideal for brands who rely on in-depth storytelling to advertise online, while also offering a little more room for elaboration.

Furthermore, Twitter users have the ability to add links, images, and video to tweets. These options allow for written content and visual aids to create compelling stories. Tell a great story through tweets and your business can organically attract more customers.

In Conclusion

Entrepreneurs know most companies are using Instagram and Snapchat to give their businesses a stronger online presence. While traditional business owners stick to telephone calls and their company website to connect with customers, modern entrepreneurs are combining the traditional means with the popularity of social media to be more accessible, provide a higher level of customer service, and to stay competitive in the digital space.

When it comes to Twitter, the smaller number of users leaves some business owners wondering if the platform is worth the investment of time. Is Twitter still necessary for business? The answer is a resounding YES. Using Twitter for your business can be a way to advertise, share updates, and grow your business.

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