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Port Your Grasshopper UK Virtual Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding

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For those who live in the United Kingdom or use the call-forwarding service, Grasshopper, it will probably come as a blow to know that Grasshopper is no longer offering UK service.
On their website, they announced the following:

“Due to recent changes in our product strategy, we have made the tough decision to shut down Grasshopper and end service in the U.K. on 30 April 2018 in order to focus our efforts on further developing our U.S. product. If you would like to keep your number, you will need to port it out to another provider. If you do not port your number out, you will lose your number.”

If you have a Grasshopper number, it will still work, access will be available until it is shut down. However, after April 30, 2018, all data will be deleted, and access will not be possible.

For businesses that have relied on Grasshopper to establish a business presence in any UK location (including Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland), this is bad news. You’re probably wondering: is there a solution for those organizations or individuals that need to port their service? The answer is yes, by using Global Call Forwarding’s services. Customers can easily port/transfer their service to Global Call Forwarding as an alternative to losing phone numbers and services.
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Let’s take a look at how to port your Grasshopper UK virtual phone number with Global Call Forwarding.

The following is a Step-by-Step Guide to Port your Grasshopper UK Virtual Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding

The process to port your grasshopper UK virtual phone number with Global Call Forwarding is simple; here are the how-to steps:

  • Step #1 – Select Your New Phone Number
  • Step #2 – Enter Your Destination Number
  • Step #3 – Choose Your Subscription Plan
  • Step #4 – Decide on Optional Features
  • Step #5 – Completing Your Information
  • Step #6 – Reviewing Your Cart
  • Step #7 – Proceeding to Checkout

Step #1 – Selecting Your New Phone Number

First, begin by visiting Global Call Forwarding. Find the first drop-down menu which lists countries and their corresponding country codes. For those located in the United Kingdom, this is indicated by “United Kingdom (+44).” Scroll down until you find the corresponding country code and select this option from the first drop-down menu.

The next step requires that you select a type of phone number type from the second drop-down menu beneath the first (Please select a number type). For most countries, there are six options:

  • Toll Free (mobile accessible)
  • Toll Free (mobile accessible) (SMS Optional)
  • National
  • Mobile (SMS Optional)
  • Geographic
  • Geographic (SMS Optional)

After deciding which type of phone number you’re looking for, you are given a list of +44 virtual phone numbers to select from on the third drop-down menu.
(For more information about which type of calls you can make and how to port your Grasshopper UK Virtual Phone Number with Global Call Forwarding, click on “See additional info and restrictions”)

Step #2 – Enter Your Destination Number

Once you have selected a virtual number, you need to select a destination number, where calls will be routed to the “home” destination of your business. Select your country code from the drop-down list. This adds your country’s prefix to the number. Then, enter your destination number.

Step #3 – Picking Your Subscription Plan

If you’re not sure how to port your Grasshopper UK virtual phone number with Global Call Forwarding, the next step is to choose the best service plan for your business (or personal use). After entering your destination number, select your subscription plan.

There are a number of paid options to choose from, including:

  • Basic
  • Value
  • Power
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
  • Each plan has its own rates, including:
  • By the Monthly Minutes
  • Based on additional minutes of call forwarding used
  • The price per month

If you’re looking for more information on how to port your Grasshopper UK virtual phone number with Global Call Forwarding on a paid or free-trial basis, make sure to check out our FAQ or contact Global Call Forwarding to help you find the perfect plan for your business.

Step #4 – Optional Features

The next step allows you to purchase optional features for your service plan such as:

  • Rollover: Rollover minutes allow your business to accumulate your unused minutes for future usage. This is a great option for businesses that have fluctuating call volume or seasonal needs, as unused minutes can be retained for higher-usage periods.
  • Add Call Recording: Selecting this option gives your account 30-days storage of recorded calls, with every call received through your number archived. After you have selected your call recording service, you can modify your call recording options, which includes the percentage of calls being recorded by Global Call Forwarding’s system and long-term storage of recorded calls up to 5 additional months. (Note: as government regulators have begun to clamp down on spam callers and international scams, businesses have an urgent need to make their efforts adhere to new legislation by recording calls between customers and staff.)
  • Add SMS Plan: By selecting this option, subscribers can have incoming SMS messages forwarded to an email address of their choice. Additionally, businesses can receive an SMS-enabled virtual number, which allows a subscriber to receive incoming texts from a specific country to be forwarded to your email inbox.

Step #5 – Completing Your Information

Next, enter your Contact Information, which includes your first name, last name, and email address. After you have entered your contact information, select your Account Type (Business or Personal). For businesses, add your business name. Finally, click the “Add to Cart” button (for paid plans) or the “Try for Free” button (for free trials) to finalize your selection.
(Note: You have the option to change your mind while reviewing your cart if you’re still not sure which service plan is best).

Step #6 – Review the Cart

If you’re wondering how to port your Grasshopper UK virtual phone number with Global Call Forwarding, realize that you’re almost at the finish line! After your contact information has been submitted, you should review your purchase.

If you are planning to add additional virtual phone numbers, select “Add More Numbers.” As mentioned above, you can decide whether to use a paid subscription or a free trial of the service. Once you’ve made your decision, click the “Proceed to the Final Step” button to finish reviewing your intended purchase.

Step #7 – Proceeding to Checkout

Once you’ve reviewed your cart, the next step is to enter your credit card billing information. You will also be required to create a unique password for your Global Call Forwarding account. Then, proceed to enter your payment method information (credit/ debit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers). Last, click on the agreement button checkbox and click the “Pay and Activate” button for paid subscriptions. For those that want to use a free trial, click on the “Free Trial” button to begin your free trial from Global Call Forwarding.

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