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The Cutest Little Puppies and Kittens Ever

Friends - small dog and cat together

We all love puppies and kittens. What could be more fun than watching some Westie puppies frolicking away in a garden or kittens busting free from cages to come head to head with their curiosities? This list of the cutest puppy and kitten videos will surely make your day brighter and is pretty much the best kind of pick-me-up ever.

However, consider yourself warned; these are some of the cuddliest little fur balls ever and these videos will definitely make you want to stop what you’re doing and go cuddle and play with them all day. Enjoy wisely; once you start watching these cuties, it’s going to be hard to stop!

English Bulldog Puppy Howls For The First Time

This little guy is making himself known by performing a beautiful solo act atop a leopard print rug. Tres Chic. He makes his way from the edges of the blanket, by scooting his butt towards the center of his soft and fluffy stage before taking a moment to prepare for his big reveal. He starts off with quite a high note and proves without a doubt that you don’t need teeth for singing, if that was, for some reason, under scrutiny. After a few lovely howls, he takes a moment to collect himself before really belting it out. Despite his youth, the complexities of his breathwork while singing are flawless. At the end of his song he takes a tiny bow, or perhaps he slips a tiny bit, either way, the audience is blown away. They applaud him by exclaiming that “that was amazing” and “the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.” High Praise for such a young pup. The young bulldog shuffles around for one more bow and that is the end of his world premiere video. Surely we can expect to be seeing more of this sublime sounding pup. No word yet on when his first solo album will be dropping, but one thing is for sure, it will definitely be a hit.

Westie Puppies Playing In A Garden

Westie pups may just be one of the cutest breeds on Earth, and it is proven further by this video of three pups frolicking through their dream garden! The West Highland White Terrier is named for the West Highlands of Scotland which makes the traditional background melody a perfect match for their playtime. Calum, Rory, and Missy are some lucky siblings to have such a beautiful garden to roam through, and they do take full advantage of this privilege. From chasing each other through fields of flowers to running through the brush of the forest, they truly love their gorgeous outdoor space. These puppies stay hydrated throughout playtime by taking a sip from their fabulous water fountain that is rustically themed to look like a tree trunk. A few sips and they’re ready to go again! Onward to the next adventure of jumping around on flower pots, being somewhat careful not to smoosh the lovely plants growing inside. They leap from stair to stair and one little pup pokes her head around a potted plant that contains a wooden cutout of a Westie puppy just like her. She sniffs around to see if she can coax the wooden Westie in joining their fun, but after an exasperated head tilt decides that she’d rather play with her real siblings. The Westie cuteness is almost too much; these puppies will surely make you want one as a pet!

Puppies And Kittens Meet For The First Time

The title of this video explains it all. A wonderful quartet of puppies meets a wonderful quartet of kittens and adorableness ensues. The puppies and kittens begin separated across a room inside of two cages (as dangerous creatures are usually kept). Once the cage is open, the meeting commences as the human openers of the cage slink away in fear. The kittens make the first move towards the unknown, proving why cats are well-known for their curiosity. One is so bold in fact, she scampers all the way across to the room into the puppies’ territory! She sniffs at their cage and eventually lures out her new friends. After some initial sniffing, the puppies and kittens begin to play around with each other and even drink out of each other’s bowls! The puppies get a tad rough, but it’s nothing a kitten can’t handle. Once the puppies have realized their rough mistake, however, they go in for some licks and those go over a lot smoother. As this video comes to a close I think we can all rest easy knowing that these puppies and kittens have become friends for life.

Kitten Falls Asleep And Falls Over

And finally, this spectacular video features a kitten falling asleep while standing. We all know cats need a lot of sleep; up to 18 hours daily, however, this little guy is too much! It takes a minute to get to the meat and potatoes of this video, but it is well worth the wait. This blurry-eyed kitten just can’t seem to keep his eyes open after what must have been a very epic playdate or a serious round of chasing toys. He begins to sway until a phone in the background makes a light noise that causes him to wake up. After making a slightly annoyed face he begins his mini snooze anew, with no care at all for what the disturbance was. Who has time for waking up anyway? What happens next will make you melt into your seat, but I’ll let you watch for yourself. Sleepy kittens may be the sweetest thing on earth; this baby proves it all around. The cuteness is too much!

So, has your day gotten better as a result of these videos? We sure hope it has because one of life’s purest pleasures is hanging out with baby animals, puppies and kittens included! Whenever you need a little more cuteness, you know what to do; spend a few moments browsing the cutest little kitties and puppies, and it’s an instant dose of sunshine!

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