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Toll Free 855 Numbers

toll free 855 numbers

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You’ve probably heard about 1-800 toll free phone numbers, but have you heard of toll free 855 numbers?

How Toll Free Numbers Work

The 855 number and the 800 number work the exact same way, except the 855 number is new. 800 numbers have been in circulation for many years which means some businesses have retired their old 800 numbers only for a new business to pick it up. However, these new businesses have to deal with a lot more wrong phone calls intended for the previous business.

Toll Free Numbers from Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding provides virtual phone numbers, including toll free numbers, for businesses in every part of the globe. So if you’re wondering how toll free 855 numbers work, you can check out the following frequently asked questions and answers. And, if you still have any unanswered questions, you can call us for more information at 1-888-908-6171.

Toll Free 855 Numbers Q&A

Are Toll Free 855 Numbers Free For Callers?

Yes, just like a 1-800 number, the 855 number will remain toll free for customers.

What About Internationally?

Toll free 855 numbers are country-specific and will only be free within the country of America or Canada.

How Much Will Toll Free 855 Numbers Cost For My Company?

The cost depends on which carrier you ultimately decide to purchase from. Global Call Forwarding offers several different plans depending on the size of your business. When you try Global Call Forwarding for the first time, you will receive a one week free trial which is something all businesses should take advantage of before making the purchase.

Are Toll Free 855 Numbers Portable?

All toll free numbers are portable as a requirement by the FCC. Some companies will port your number for free while others charge a fee somewhere between $25-$50.

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How Can I Find Out if the Toll Free 855 Numbers I Want are Available?

On the Global Call Forwarding site, you can choose a toll free number from the Select Your New Phone Number drop down menu located on the homepage. Once you have chosen “Toll Free” you can then choose to get a vanity number. Then, you can choose among the options that are available to you from the drop down menu. If you don’t find the number that you are looking for, call us, email us, or press the “chat with us” button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then, we can begin to get you set up with the phone number that you need.

How Do I Set Up My New Toll Free 855 Numbers?

Once you have selected your perfect toll free number from the menu, you can choose which plan suits your business. You can choose from 5 plans to fit your needs, from a “basic” plan with 200 monthly minutes to an “enterprise” plan with over 10,000 monthly minutes. Enter your account and contact information and you’re on your way to your free one week trial. You will be given an account page to set up everything you need to customize your new number and then you’re ready to start receiving and taking phone calls.

What Does My Toll Free Number Include?

The 855 numbers from Global Call Forwarding come with a variety of features such as simultaneous ringing, unlimited extensions, and advanced IVR/PBX menus. An IVR/PBX menu allows you to create an automated system that greets incoming callers and allows them to choose from a list of options so that their calls will be sent to the correct department. Calls can be forwarded to your cell phone, a call center, your business phone, or even to a computer or tablet. You can also customize any plan you choose with additional features and settings. Additional features include, rollover minutes to save your minutes and roll them over from month-to-month, call recording to save your phone calls for a future time (great for customer service training), and outbound calling which allows you to make international phone calls at an affordable price if you have a large following outside of your country.

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