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How Much Does a Business Toll Free Number Cost?

Are you contemplating getting business toll free numbers for your company? Are you uncertain how to get a business toll free number? If so, you are in the right spot.

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Many businesses are turning to business toll free numbers to connect with their customers across the country. Thanks to their affordability and flexibility, they make for an excellent marketing tool and improve customer service relations.

If you are not convinced that you should get a business toll free number, consider the benefits and features we offer at Global Call Forwarding when you choose our services.

The Benefits of Business Toll Free Numbers

As a business, your primary mission is to make your customers happy. Business toll free numbers help you achieve that mission in several ways
First, by making your business incredibly accessible. If customers cannot reach you when they have questions about your products or services, they’ll find someone who is available. The business world is competitive, and when you get a business toll free number you gain a competitive advantage.

Another way business toll free numbers benefit your business is by being free and easy to call. 1-800 toll free numbers provide a quick and easy way to contact you or your customer service team. Service charges are never passed onto your customers and they never have to jump through hoops to contact you.

As a professional business, it is critical that every facet of your company reflects your professionalism. Toll free numbers do just that. They provide a polished look and infuse confidence in your services. Customers like to know they are dealing with a professional company, and toll free numbers show the customers that you are serious about what you do and care about their needs.

Of course, all organizations have to be cognizant of costs. Fortunately, business toll free numbers are surprisingly affordable for businesses of all sizes. When you choose the right company to get a business toll free number from, you can enjoy high quality calls without high fees for you.

Finally, all successful businesses have toll free numbers. From Apple to Applebee’s, corporate businesses see the benefits of using a toll free number, and have reaped great rewards from using them. When you get a business toll free number for your business, you join a league of corporations who use them—and separate yourself from the ‘small businesses’ in your niche.

The Costs of Toll Free Numbers

Just like any industry or service, toll free numbers do vary. When you choose Global Call Forwarding, however, you can enjoy affordable rates no matter what package you select.

Depending on the plan you want, our prices at Global Call Forwarding begin at just $13 per month for United States business toll free numbers. Our plans are based on the amount of time your customers use calling you, so the higher you upgrade your plan the more time you are covered for. However, our more expensive plans, like our Enterprise package, is ideal for businesses with high demand for their services. The price for this packages starts at $25 per month.

When you choose our plans, there is NO equipment to buy, NO contracts to sign, and NO setup fees to pay for. It is important to understand what these plans cover, however.

Features Included with Our Toll Free Numbers
When you choose us for business toll free numbers, you get more than just a toll free number, you get service that supports the business it brings you. In fact, we offer a wide array of features with each of our plans to ensure you get the most of our services. These features include:
Call Recording

Record all inbound calls or a select percentage of calls. This improves customer service, provides quality control, and protects you from liability.

  • Advanced Call Forwarding
    Take advantage of this feature by forwarding incoming calls to your preferred destination during specific times of the day for better service.
  • Advanced IVR/PBX
    Set up a greeting for incoming calls and direct customers to the correct departments.
  • Sequential Forwarding
    Allow calls to be directed to a preset of different numbers so your customers always get someone when they need them.
  • Failover Forwarding
    Failover Forwarding allows you to program multiple phone numbers to SIP accounts using multiple layers of Tier1 carriers. This ensures better service for your customers and better call quality for you.
  • Local Ringback Tone
  • Simultaneous Ringing
    Forward calls from your business toll free numbers to one or two of your other phone numbers easily. Have calls forwarded to your mobile or home number so you never miss a call.
  • ForwardFax
    Setup your number to send or receive Faxes to your email inbox for convenience.
  • Rollover Minutes
    Didn’t use this month’s total minute allotment? Then enjoy rollover minutes on your next month!
  • Customized Greeting
    Setup your phone number with a customized greeting and help your business sound more professional.
  • Voicemail Black & White Lists
    Streamline your business’ efficiency with a black and white list that forwards unimportant calls to your voicemail or blocks them from calling you altogether.

These are just some of the features you can enjoy when you sign up with our business toll free numbers packages.

Get a business toll free number and start forwarding calls!

If you are ready to make a big impact in your industry, it is time to get a business toll free number. Let us set you up on affordable plans by contacting our team today.

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