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Number Types

Number Types

Global Call Forwarding offers a wide variety of number types that enable businesses and individuals the ability to communicate with customers and clients around the world.

Number Types Offered by Global Call Forwarding

Toll Free Numbers
Toll Free Numbers (Mobile Accessible)
Toll Free Numbers (Mobile Accessible) (SMS Optional)
Universal Toll Free Numbers (UIFN)
Mobile Numbers
Mobile Numbers (SMS Optional)
National Numbers
National Numbers (SMS Optional)
Geographic Numbers
Geographic Numbers (SMS Optional)
Outbound Calling
SMS Forwarding to Email

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are virtual phone numbers that can be dialed via landline only without the caller incurring a charge. Instead, the subscriber is charged for the calls. This enables open communication with a geographically-agnostic appeal that avoids financial barriers for callers. (Note: For USA and Canada toll free phone numbers, these toll free numbers are also mobile accessible).

Toll Free Number (Mobile Accessible)

Similar to toll free number types described above, toll free numbers that are mobile accessible can be dialed from the corresponding country’s mobile and landline network. They can be dialed without charge to the caller from their countries’ landline network; however, calls from their mobile networks may or may not be completely free depending on a specific country’s regulations.

Toll Free Numbers: Mobile Accessible & SMS Optional

As with the previous descriptions, toll free numbers that are both mobile accessible with SMS optional services can be dialed from countries’ mobile and landline networks and can be dialed without charge to the caller, dependent on the particular country’s telecommunication regulations. Additionally, SMS service can be enabled on these number types, allowing subscribers to receive text messages sent to the virtual phone number.

Number Types
Source: O#23559 ID#100018146971

Universal Toll Free Numbers (UIFN)

Officially known as Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN), Universal Toll Free Numbers are international toll free numbers that can be dialed from multiple countries. The process of calling UIFNs requires first dialing the access code for international callers (ex. 00 for European UIFNs) and then the rest of the toll free number. Because of the more intricate setup process involved with UIFNs, contact a Global Call Forwarding representative to assist you.

Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers enable callers to dial from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and – in most cases – from other countries. Because of their unique functionality, these phone number types have a specific area code that shows callers they are trying to reach a mobile phone. It should also be noted that mobile numbers cannot receive fax transmissions.

Mobile Numbers (SMS Optional)

Related to mobile numbers, these numbers come with optional SMS service that enables callers to send text messages. These numbers can be dialed from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and from other countries (depending on international regulations). However, these virtual number types cannot receive fax transmissions.

National Numbers

National numbers are phone numbers that work within a selected country and can be dialed from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and (some) countries. In most cases, calls to these numbers are charged the regular national long distance fee within the country callers are dialing from.

National Numbers (SMS)

Related to national numbers, these numbers work within the selected country with SMS capabilities. They can be dialed from landlines, mobile phones, pay phones, and some countries.

Geographic Numbers

Geographic numbers are numbers that are specific to a location within the selected country. In most cases, these are cities and the numbers are normally reachable from outside of the country.

Geographic Numbers (SMS Optional)

Geographic numbers are numbers with SMS capability that are specific to a location within the selected country. In most cases, these numbers enable subscribers to choose specific cities and regions with corresponding area codes.

Outbound Calling

This is an add-on provided for subscribers of all phone number types listed above. Outbound calling enables users to reach call recipients while having their virtual phone number appear on the recipient’s caller ID. Without the outbound calling add-on, call recipients will have a long string of digits appear on their caller ID.

SMS Forwarding to Email

This service from Global Call Forwarding enables any and all incoming SMS (text) messages to be forwarded to a designated email address.

Number Types & Subscribing with Global Call Forwarding

As you can see, Global Call Forwarding offers a wide array of phone number types that can be utilized throughout your organization and individual needs. Global Call Forwarding is a leading provider of virtual phone numbers and cloud-based telecommunications for over two decades, enabling subscribers to reach over 140+ countries worldwide.

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