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Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers

With a very small population and massive oil resources, Qatar is the richest country in world in terms of per capita income. Thanks to its oil-based economy, Qatar is a developed global power with a very lucrative and dynamic economy.

Almost 85% of the entire population is comprised of expat workers and laborers from all over the world. As a result, Qatar international virtual phone numbers are in high demand. If you have a business links in Qatar, a sophisticated call forwarding system involving Qatar international virtual phone numbers will have a very positive impact on your overhead costs.

What are Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers?

Qatar has almost 1.5 million foreign workers living in the country at any given time. Businesses based in the home countries of these expat workers can reap great rewards by offering toll free numbers in Qatar. Qatar international virtual phone numbers will allow a business based in India, Philippines, Spain, or any other country in the world receive calls from customers and clients in Qatar.

These clients will not be charged for their calls as the cost of the call is borne by the business. Thanks to the Internet and virtualization technologies, these toll free call forwarding costs have also been reduced to a significant extent. Any small or medium sized business can easily afford such systems.

How Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers Work

When you subscribe to this service, you are provided with a local Qatar number. You can program the system by specifying one (or several) of your own business numbers for incoming calls. It works like this. Imagine you are a business based in the US. Once you subscribe to the call forwarding system, you are provided with a local Qatar number.

You can then configure the system, by providing your US business number. When your clients or customers in Qatar place calls on the local Qatar number, their phone calls are automatically forwarded to your US based office numbers. Such Qatar international virtual phone numbers can be connected to any local phone system anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers

Did you know that nearly 15% of the Qatari population is worth a million dollars or more? Despite being a small market in terms of population, Qatar can work for a variety of businesses thanks to the purchasing power of its citizens. And to add to that, there are more than a million expats earning relatively high incomes compared to the rest of the world.

If you are a business looking to establish a presence in the market, Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers are a fantastic starting point. If you have local offices/partners in Doha or Al Rayyan, you can connect with them cheaply using these numbers. And a toll free number is a proven method to gain new customers and retain your existing clients.

Service Features of Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers

This is an advanced call forwarding system based on VOIP and Internet telephony. These Qatar international virtual phone numbers will allow you to avoid costly international calling charges for a very nominal subscription cost. You can connect these numbers to either local landlines or mobiles in your home country. You also have the option to connect them to different numbers in different countries.

For instance, you can divert incoming calls to your main business number or a call center in another country. And with sequential forwarding, no incoming calls from your valuable customers and business partners will ever go unanswered. Advanced scheduling options also make sure that during off hours, business calls are diverted to your call centers or subordinate offices elsewhere.

Qatar Economy Forecasts

Qatar is a truly rare phenomenon in the global scene. It is a tiny country punching above its weight in business and international politics thanks to its rich energy resources. When decreasing oil reserves started becoming a concern, massive natural gas reserves were discovered within its borders, securing the economy for the foreseeable future.

Qatar has massive investments all over the world. And with global sporting events like the FIFA World Cup poised to be held in the country in 2022, its economic and political significance can only grow further. Now is a poignant time to explore business opportunities in this rich market.

Contact Us for More Information

Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers can be of incredible benefit to companies from an array of markets. With a massive expat population from South Asia and South East Asia, companies in countries like India, Pakistan, and Philippines will benefit greatly from affordable toll free call forwarding systems. And with a very rich local population, retail and service businesses in Europe and North America can also make magnificent use of Qatar International Virtual Phone Numbers.

To learn more about our different international call forwarding options, kindly contact our representatives. Our experts can clear any doubts or issues you may have about forwarding calls internationally and its potential impact on your enterprise.

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