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Virtual local phone numbers aren’t connected with physical telephone lines like conventional or traditional telephone numbers. That’s why it makes them convenient to use as they are programmed to forward incoming calls to one particular telephone number that’s pre-set according to the user’s choice. This could either be a fixed line or cell phone.

Virtual local phone numbers are actually like gateways that exist between traditional calling systems and VOIP. One is fully at liberty to make use of their existing phone, and no extra hardware is required as the available software is advanced enough to serve this purpose. These numbers are also known as access numbers and/ or DID numbers.

Specialties of Virtual Local Phone Numbers

With virtual local phone numbers, you have the distinct advantage of having numbers in countries where you may not actually have a physical presence.

This becomes most advantageous to medium and small businesses without the necessity of having branch offices in other countries and cities the world over, and where there is ample scope for business to be done or to expand to. Using these numbers is also great for answering any customer queries that are coming in from these locations in an easy and affordable manner.

You can work from anywhere by using virtual local phone numbers. So you are not restricted to having to be physically attached to your workstation, waiting for that important call or fax. The call gets get instantly routed to your cell phone with voice mails being sent to your personal inbox, either as MP3 or text. Faxes get forwarded to your e-mail ID as PDF attachments, making them easily accessible and easy to retrieve from anywhere. This therefore, doesn’t hamper your mobility in any way, and can help you greatly to attend to sales calls, or even hold vendor conferences.

Wouldn’t this added convenience and versatility increase your business’s productivity and bottom line substantially? It has for millions of businesses world, and continues to be an excellent means of upping your competitiveness in the global market.

Your virtual office, which has a series of virtual local phone numbers, will also enable your employees to work from anywhere, at any time. This is because they are perpetually accessible to customers and can attend to business calls 24×7. Consider this the most effective way to enhance your business’s communication efforts at all times.

Moreover, conferencing with your employees also becomes easy with built-in conference calling. Additionally, you also have the advantage of unlimited call handling. This ensures that any caller will never get a busy line tone. On receiving his call, the system will transfer the caller to the appropriate employee to answer queries or to solve problems.

For any prospective customer who seeks basic information about your business, a separate information extension may also be set up. A dedicated message that contains all relevant product and store descriptions and directions, including the operational hours can be loaded on to it. This enhances the speed of answering customer queries and doesn’t leave the caller waiting unnecessarily while meeting their immediate needs quickly.

Workings of Virtual Local Phone Numbers

When a subscriber takes on virtual local phone numbers, they get all calls forwarded to their cell phone or landline from a set of predetermined numbers. These follow-me numbers make the user accessible anywhere and at any time, no matter where in the world he may be.

Virtual local phone numbers receive all forwarded calls to a number of telephone numbers, depending on the time and day of a particular week. For example, during official hours, say, 9 to 5 on any working day, all incoming calls will get forwarded to your office or workplace. On weekends and holidays, however, any call will get forwarded to your cell phone, if that’s your preference. However, it is important to keep in mind that virtual local phone numbers are available and issued according to the issuing country’s own rules and regulations.

Multi-Faceted Applications

Ever since their inception, virtual local phone numbers have greatly benefitted businesses because of their power to make a business omnipresent. A company which has its headquarters in India, for instance, can just press the button for these numbers in China or Taiwan without paying any charges that are applicable to fixed foreign lines; it’s that simple!

These numbers are frequently used by call centers, which may apparently seem to be operating in one particular country, but can actually be based in a variety of different countries, with their own (entirely different) time zones. Yet, they are delivering 24/7 coverage.

Virtual local phone numbers are also being widely used by marketing-based companies for their marketing campaigns, particularly large multinational or prominent media channels to keep track of the inflow of traffic their campaigns or media attract. When you press the button for virtual local phone numbers, you may also get extra business services, such as a virtual office with its own address; a virtual receptionist who actually takes a call and gives your business a more authentic touch to all prospective clients. This has made using virtual local phone numbers more popular with businesses as such virtual services get roped into a single seamless solution that conveniently handles a multitude of business needs.

Similarly for individuals as well, especially those who travel frequently or are based in foreign countries, these numbers perpetually help with keeping in touch with their families, friends and associates. All they pay is the charge for a local call while calling from international destinations. This undoubtedly eliminates the biting expenses associated with typical, traditional international calls.

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