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Buy Virtual Phone Numbers with SMS

In today’s tech-fueled and high-paced world, business leaders must remain well-informed with regard to the latest technologies available in relation to all business practices. The ways business communications are handled represent a large part of that – with business owners competing in the global marketplace and attempting to juggle incoming calls and other forms of communication from customers, clients, vendors and more, from all over the world. The use of virtual phone numbers has become important with regard to international communications. Global Call Forwarding has taken the accessibility to virtual phone numbers a step ahead and now offers customers the option to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS.

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A virtual phone number is a phone number that can either be a local phone number or a toll free number. The virtual phone number is dialed and the call is forwarded to a phone number of the business’ choosing anywhere in the world. For example, a company based in Oregon, United States may offer their services to a market in France. In order to offer their services to that market in France, they may have a local phone number for that market in France that is listed on their website or they may have a toll free number that is available for customers in France to reach them. At the same time, it may be more affordable to have a customer service call center set up in India, so the company may have a virtual phone number that the customers in France can dial, and calls will be forwarded to the customer service center in India. Many companies operate in this way, based on what the related costs and benefits are to their company.

The example above is just one of many in which virtual phone numbers have proven to be an asset to businesses. With over 20 years of experience in the global communications sector, Global Call Forwarding sells virtual phone numbers in over 150 countries, giving international businesses worldwide a competitive edge in the global marketplace. The choice to offer businesses the option to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS is designed to help businesses improve their customer service and the overall efficiency of the businesses.

Global Call Forwarding offers its customers, who choose to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS, a solid, 24/ 7 technical support team and a range of forward-thinking service features. These features are consistently tested and proven to improve communication systems for businesses. A company who opts to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS from Global Call Forwarding can then focus saved time and energy on other aspects of the business, such as sales, creating new products and services, and the overall growth of the company.

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The SMS forwarding feature functions by allowing a customer to have any incoming SMS messages sent to a predetermined email of their choosing. For businesses, SMS forwarding allows business subscribers to receive any incoming text messages from their customers in email format. The feature makes businesses more accessible to their customer base by offering an additional way for them to be reached via a mobile phone. Many customers prefer to send text messages versus making phone calls or interacting with a business in person. A virtual phone number is set up, a customer sends a text message to the business via the virtual phone number, and the text message is then forwarded to the business via email. This feature has proven to be very successful for businesses that deal with reservations, customer inquiries, and gathering general feedback from customers.

Global Call Forwarding also offers businesses who choose to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS the ability to manage the service completely through the use of an online control panel and view detailed records of their account, such as dates and times of SMS messages sent.

Packages offered by Global Call Forwarding for businesses looking to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS range from basic to larger levels and are based on the total number of incoming text messages per month.

SMS messaging data that is collected via a business’ individual online control panel can also help to gather and study information about an organization’s customers. This can be a powerful tool in revising and strengthening a company’s marketing strategies.

A company’s choice to buy virtual phone numbers with SMS through Global Call Forwarding goes beyond further ease in communication. Beyond simplifying the process of communicating, it opens doors to an increase in communication, as more customers are apt to send a quick text message versus making a phone call. Add these benefits to the fact that the SMS information tracked can help to support marketing strategies, which makes buying virtual phone numbers with SMS clearly an optimal choice.

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