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Buy China Virtual Toll Free Number

In a globalized economy, the supply chain often extends across oceans and continents. High potential markets can be found overseas. Take the case of China as a prime example. The country is the place to go to for so many manufacturing options that hold serious promise.

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If you are a business in the west, sourcing your manufacturing to China is not just optimal, it has almost become unavoidable. And many businesses across the world are also waking up to the fact that the Chinese market, with its billion potential customers, is the next untamed frontier.

But maintaining a constant presence in the Far East can be an expensive proposition, especially if you are not a big MNC with deep pockets. Buy a China virtual toll free number if you want an effective presence in the Chinese market yet have to economize.

What is a China Virtual Toll Free Number?

A China virtual toll free number is basically a phone number that is free to dial from within China. Unlike a traditional local number, when people call the China virtual toll free number, the phone call will be forwarded automatically to your phone number overseas.

It doesn’t cost the caller international calling charges to connect to your number outside China. That is the single main advantage that you get when you buy a China phone number. For all practical purposes for a Chinese caller, your China number is a local number. But all phone calls made to it are automatically forwarded directly to you overseas number. That is the whole process.

Reasons to Buy a Virtual Toll Free Number

To put it simply, China toll free numbers are sensational for any business. It doesn’t matter if your customer is in the US, UK, Vietnam, China, or anywhere else. Who does not want to secure a deal that makes financial sense for themselves and their enterprise? And if calling your business doesn’t cost them a penny, dime, or renminbi, they may just call again!

So buy a China virtual toll free number and you can start reaping the benefits almost instantaneously: increased sales and leads, and more loyalty from your existing customers. A toll free number provides your brand with added respectability. And since it is relatively inexpensive to buy a China virtual toll free number, they make a valuable addition to your organization.

How do Toll Free Numbers Work in China?

Much like the rest of the world, the Chinese telephone system also has a local toll free number hierarchy. But unlike popular US 800 numbers, China toll free numbers have certain unique features. The Chinese system has two kinds of toll free numbers – the 800 series and the 400 series.

While the 800 series is completely free, it can only be accessed from landlines. And they also don’t have full connectivity across the whole of China. If your business has customers/partners based in specific regions, you can buy a China virtual toll free number in the 800 series.

The 400 series on the other hand, is accessible from all regions in mainland China. And they are also accessible from landlines as well as all Chinese mobile networks. When you buy a China virtual toll free number in the 400 series, callers will have to pay small local call rates.

Forwarding Phone Calls from China

When you buy a China virtual toll free number, you are provided with a local Chinese number. You have the complete freedom to customize how the call forwarding process functions. Calls can be forwarded to overseas landlines as well as mobile numbers.

You can set sequential call forwarding to ensure that none of your incoming calls are left unanswered. You also have the option to connect to a virtual PBX so that your call center can handle calls from your customers. There are also numerous other features and functions that can be tweaked and set according to your requirements.

China Economic Forecasts

Despite its massive size, the Chinese economy has been making steady progress at the rate of over 6% growth annually. And though they were indirectly affected by the global recession, thanks to strict government control over financial markets, they have been less affected by the chaos that hit most of the West.

With a massive workforce, a somewhat planned economy, and a huge manufacturing base, China is a formidable force in the global economic stage.

Recent years have seen strong growth especially in the retail markets, thanks to increasing purchasing power of the average Chinese customer. Whether you are looking for cheap manufacturing partners, or outstanding new retail markets, modern China has something for everyone. Buy a China virtual toll free number to get a head start on your competition.
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