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Buy Japan Virtual Toll Free Number

If you want to expand your business to Japan without having to set up an office there, the most efficient and affordable way to do it is to buy Japan virtual toll free number. When you subscribe to Global Call Forwarding you can sign up for toll free numbers in many parts of Japan. You can then pass on the Japan virtual toll free number to your customers and colleagues who will be able to call you without having to pay expensive long-distance charges or deal with cumbersome international dialing codes.

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Not only do Japan virtual toll free number give your customers greater confidence in your company, they also have other benefits, such as:

  • Boosting your brand: Japan virtual toll free number increase the power of your professional image by allowing you to extend your company’s presence overseas.
  • Separating business and personal communications: You no longer need to give your personal number when you make a business contact. You will know straight away if you are receiving a business call.
  • Adding useful features: As well as local numbers, Japan virtual toll free number with Global Call Forwarding give you access to a whole suite of additional features such as failover forwarding, call recording, fax to email, time of day routing, SMS forwarding, sequential forwarding and simultaneous ringing. This is so much more than you get from your cell phone alone.
  • No hidden expenses: Because you don’t have to buy any dedicated hardware or complicated software, there are no additional costs for your Japan virtual toll free number other than your subscription fee.
  • Providing useful marketing data: You can use a different toll-free number for each of your advertising spaces, such as radio, TV, newspaper and your website. This way, you can easily see which of your marketing strategies are working well and which ones need to be tweaked.
  • Easy management: You can manage your virtual numbers and the redirect numbers in a user-friendly online interface. It allows you to sign up for more numbers as you need them.
  • Run multiple businesses: If you are a small business owner with multiple companies, you can easily use a series of different numbers for each business, making it easy to keep up with all your different customers.

Working With Japanese Customers

Before you begin communication with Japanese clients and customers, it’s important to be aware of the cultural differences and familiarize yourself with Japanese telephone etiquette. After all, you don’t want to lose customers because they don’t like your phone manner. Although many of your callers will be speaking English, it makes things easier if you can at least answer the phone in Japanese. “Moshi moshi,” meaning hello, is the usual way to answer a phone call.

It is important to remain courteous to your Japanese callers at all times. When you are making a call, avoid calling during early morning hours, during lunch hour or around the time when you know your client or customer may be busy. Between 5-7 pm is a reasonable time if the call is not urgent. If the person you are speaking with is a customer, always let them disconnect the call before you put the phone down.

When you are answering a call from a Japanese client or customer, try to answer the phone as quickly as possible once it starts ringing. Ideally, this should be within three rings. If you need to pass the call on to a business associate or employee, always put the caller on hold, so that they cannot hear your conversation. When the caller is on hold, don’t make him or her wait too long. If you cannot handle their concern at that moment, take a message and ask them to call back later or ask your associate to return the call when he or she is able to.

Why Choose Global Call Forwarding?

We have been providing toll free U.S. and global virtual numbers since 2007. We have helped all varieties of businesses, ranging from small businesses to multinational companies establish communications by providing unique local and toll-free numbers within specific countries. We have access to the world’s largest inventory of virtual numbers, which allows us to offer the best prices and the most options. Unlike other call forwarding companies, we also have a reserve of numbers for quick activation.

Because we understand how competitive today’s global marketplace is, and how vital it is to maintain excellent communications with customers, we are dedicated to providing local points of contact and 24/7 technical support. Our expert team is always on hand to answer your questions and help resolve your concerns. We are here to help your company expand to new global marketplaces.

Contact our team at Global Call Forwarding today to find out more about buy Japan toll free and virtual numbers in cities in the U.S.A and around the world. We can set you up with instant access and a free trial, so you can see how virtual phone numbers can help you grow your business.

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