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Buy Zimbabwe Virtual National Phone Numbers

Establishing a global business presence has never been easier. Companies in the past used to need a physical location, like a brick-and-mortar store, to transact with customers in Zimbabwe. Nowadays, a company can buy Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers and gain access to Zimbabwe’s steadily improving economy.

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The Republic of Zimbabwe is a landlocked, self-governing nation in southern Africa. When a business gets a Zimbabwe virtual national phone number, they automatically establish a presence in southern Africa. Zimbabwe is located between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers and it borders South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique.

Zimbabwe has been a major location for migration and trade since the 11th century. In addition, it has been the site of several organized states and kingdoms. Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, but English is the main language used in the school and court systems.

As the capital and largest city, Harare is Zimbabwe’s leading commercial and communications center. Zimbabwe virtual phone numbers allow smart businesses access to customers in any part of Zimbabwe.

How do Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers work?

As a business owner, you might have heard the benefits of using an international call forwarding service. But you might not know how Zimbabwe virtual numbers with call forwarding can be used by any business to build a bigger presence.

With international call forwarding, you can forward your calls to another phone number, like your office or home number. Simply buy a virtual national phone number and set the ‘destination’ as your home or office phone number. We will automatically redirect calls to the destination number.

The major benefit to using an international call forwarding service is that the destination number can be located anywhere in the world! Buying a Zimbabwe virtual number with international call forwarding enables any business to manage a virtual office from any global location.

More benefits of international call forwarding

International call forwarding with Zimbabwe virtual phone numbers has benefits in addition to being able to run your business from anywhere. Buying a Zimbabwe virtual number is a great decision that smart business owners can make.

First, a Zimbabwe virtual national number with call forwarding makes your business more accessible. National phone numbers can be dialed at a local calling cost from any region in Zimbabwe. Studies have indicated that prospective customers are almost 40% more likely to reach out to a business if the phone call is free.

Accessibility is a major factor that customers use to determine which companies to do business with. Customers prefer to call businesses that advertise a familiar phone number that is easy and free to dial.

In addition, Zimbabwe virtual numbers also give credence to your business. A Zimbabwe national phone number with call forwarding helps your business to project a professional and corporate image. For example, you have probably seen advertisements for large businesses that advertise their toll free numbers. Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers work the same way – even a one-person business can appear like a large enterprise.

Economy of Zimbabwe and doing business

Since the turn of the century, the economy of Zimbabwe has been improving steadily. The improvements have made its economy a viable destination to do business. The easiest way to gain access to the economy of Zimbabwe is an international call forwarding service with Zimbabwe virtual numbers.

Zimbabwe’s major export partners are China, DR Congo and Botswana. Its main import partners are South Africa, China and India. However, there is a demand for goods and services from around the world. With Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers, your global business can transact with Zimbabwean customers.

The main industries are mining precious metals, steel, wood products, cement and chemicals. Major exports include platinum, cotton, tobacco and gold. Main imports are machinery, transport equipment, chemicals, fuels and food products.

It is difficult to start a new business in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was rated the 155th best place to do business in 2016 because of low levels of production, a trade gap and insufficient foreign investment.

However, these issues mostly plague local businesses. A foreign business can still seize the trade opportunities with an international call forwarding service.

Global Call Forwarding’s Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers inventory

Global Call Forwarding has the largest inventory of Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers. We leverage partnerships with Tier 1 networks to deliver the best call-quality and connections from Zimbabwe to anywhere in the world.

Smart businesses can also take advantage of the free advanced features we provide. Our Zimbabwe virtual national phone numbers come included with smart features that let you customize your call forwarding service.

As the economy of Zimbabwe continues to improve, there are more opportunities for foreign businesses. Start seizing these opportunities and grow a new customer base today!

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