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Call Forwarding Service

What is a call forwarding service?

A call forwarding service is an international calling solution that routes incoming calls from one particular location to another location anywhere in the world. When you set up a call forwarding service, all your incoming international and domestic calls get redirected to a mobile device, landline, or computer.

The best call forwarding services are available through cloud-based software that automatically forwards calls internationally. The best service even enables users to route calls at pre-set times of a particular day or days of the week.

A Smart Call Forwarding Service

A smart call forwarding service gives businesses affordable access to certain advanced features for calling that were hitherto available only to the larger corporations. Global Call Forwarding offers a suite of 15+ free advanced features with every service account.

Since the call forwarding service is cloud-based, it may be activated online within a couple of minutes, and it may also be customized to suit the individual, organizational needs at much more reasonable costs.

Get a Call Forwarding Service for Business Use

A business can use a call forwarding service to increase revenue and for the improvement of customer service. It helps any business stay connected with clients 24×7. Conventionally, when agents weren’t physically present to take calls, an inbound call to a handset would either get redirected to voicemail or simply go unanswered. Not good!

It is often seen that a virtual number usually requires an outsourced answering service, which obviously results in human contact. However, it still needs an agent for returning the call.

Global Call Forwarding provides a call forwarding service, however, which needs no hardware upgrades. We provide a cloud-based system that enables inbound callers to speak to an agent. This is done by forwarding an unanswered call to a manned phone located in a different location or in the same office building.

The call forwarding service is also utilizable by companies that have international customer bases. The service can give a client or business access to a local telephone number in any other country, and route any inbound call to that number to any domestic office.

What’s more, an international call forwarding service doesn’t even allow the caller to be aware that his call has been channelized to a wholly different country. These have also turned out to be much more cost effective than conventional FXs or foreign exchange lines.

Customers are able to have as many virtual numbers as they wish, under the same forwarding service, to expand business operations globally. Organizations are able to combine international phone numbers with advanced features for customizing their phone services based on specific workflow and customer needs.

Get a Call Forwarding Service for Personal Use

For individual users call forwarding is of much use, especially for those who travel frequently. No matter where you are, you are accessible over a landline, cell phone or your personal computer at any time of the day or night and anywhere in the world.

This is also extremely useful to expatriates working in foreign countries to keep in touch with their family members, associates, and friends. All one needs to do is to select a service provider, get into its website, select a suitable package, fill in the necessary personal details online, pay through a debit or credit card and the service gets activated within minutes.

It is most useful for small business owners who are trying to develop an international market for their products and services or home-based businesses with the goal of selling their wares to international customers online. The user is provided with a telephone number of a country of his choice so that potential customers get the impression that the business actually has an office there, which actually isn’t so.

A call made to that particular number or numbers in assorted countries will inevitably get transferred to the subscriber’s phone and help him maintain perpetual customer contact. All customer queries can be satisfactorily answered, and his problems solved promptly. This not only enhances the business’s professional image but helps it to build its brand recall effectively.

An individual user also has the benefit of subscribing to a VoIP service and can save enormously on hardware installation costs. Additional services like a proper receptionist answering the phone, call record, conference calls, time routing and call identification are also available.

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