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Call Forwarding Line

Call Forwarding Services & Advantages

Global call forwarding was designed as a reliable way for businesses and individuals to receive international calls without the caller being charged high international rates. To achieve this, you are given a local number or toll free number for almost any country. Calls to this number are forwarded to your existing line, no matter where in the world you are. If you are looking for a quality call forwarding service provider, look no further because global call forwarding has all of your international call forwarding solutions at the finest quality. Whether you are looking for local phone numbers around the world, toll free numbers, virtual phone numbers, or toll free vanity numbers, we have a call forwarding service for you. In addition to providing the highest quality, our call forwarding services are extremely affordable. We provide the best service at the lowest cost.

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Many companies offer their customers a way to forward incoming calls from a local or international phone number to another phone number located anywhere else. These types of call forwarding services, also known as “follow me services”, help businesses and individuals

These are some of the advantages of the call forwarding services:

  1. Call forwarding services allow the sales team to be reached wherever they are. If a call comes to their desk and they happen to be in another location, the incoming call can be forwarded directly to their cell phone.
  2. The customer service team may also rely on call forwarding services to better serve their customers. Many international businesses need to have 24/7 sales or customer support. Companies that require international support may outsource these functions locally or internationally. Having the ability to custom route incoming calls can be a vital part of a business’ structure.
  3. Even a home phone may want to have call forwarding services applied to the number. If a person travels often and wants to stay in touch with people calling their home phone or local phone number, an affordable option would be to have calls forwarded to the hotel, mobile phone, or any other phone where they are located.

These are just a few examples of how call forwarding services may be used. The cost of call forwarding services is very low.

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