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Call Forwarding Local Numbers

Call forwarding local numbers is a service that allows incoming calls to be automatically forwarded via an online international call forwarding platform to any answering location designated by the subscriber. Business partners, customers, and family can reach you without the need to dial by using an international calling prefix, country code, or area code. Once your local phone number is dialed, the phone call is automatically forwarded to any phone of your choice and you can receive the call wherever you are.

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Call forwarding from local numbers has proven indispensable to successful businesses that are enjoying the value of getting closer to their customers. It does not keep your business “local” but rather establishes your local presence in a community or city anywhere in the world.

Subscribing to a call forwarding local numbers service enables your business to expand its outreach beyond any physical limitations such as purchasing expensive hardware to install or building branch offices at different locations. It is a simple and affordable means for clients or customers to contact you and is a great way to easily gain reputation and expansion.

With call forwarding local numbers, you and your employees can be reached on any device in the world whether on your mobile phone, in the office or at home. Service providers like Global Call Forwarding provide local numbers from any country. You will be able to receive calls on your mobile phone or landline phones through specified global call forwarding local numbers.

Local phone number providers like Global Call Forwarding offer an online user portal that gives subscribers access to all their account details, settings, and preferences. Local phone numbers are easy to get and simple to setup;

  • Choose a local phone number for your business.
  • A group number is automatically assigned to you which is used to log into the online control panel.
  • From the control, you can easily configure the advanced features and input the destination number, (the number you wish to receive incoming calls).
  • You can begin using your new number.

You can order additional numbers for multiple locations, all of which will be synchronized with your account.

Benefits of call forwarding

  • Mobility – Because call forwarding local numbers can port calls to your employee’s mobile phones, it, therefore, increases their mobility without any decrease in communication. Distance is no limitation. It makes it easier for employees to step out of the office, travel to remote places or international trips without the risk of missing important calls.
  • Availability – One of the major benefits of having an international call forwarding service for your business is that it makes key personnel available even when they are out of the office. An office’s phone calls can be forwarded to one or more employee’s mobile number or home phone. The availability of a sequential ringing feature enables call forwarding to be routed to a series of numbers until it gets answered. Someone is always within reach to speak to customers and providing the necessary information or request.
  • Increasing Presence – Local numbers allow your business to expand its presence by having multiple numbers forwarded to a central location. This lets customers call a local number, which then forwards their calls to the business’s central system usually located outside of the local area. Often, customers prefer the idea of calling a local number rather than placing a long-distance call which involves extra charges and giving the impression that the business is distant.

Features of call forwarding local numbers

There are numerous advanced service features that come with a call forwarding local numbers package to suit your specific needs such as;

  • Simultaneous ringing – This feature allow users to forward incoming calls from their local number to two or more phones. All enabled phones will ring at the same time and connect to whoever picks the phone first. It guarantees your availability to customers or client at any time.
  • Sequential ringing – This enables Incoming calls to be routed through a list of pre-determined local numbers. These set of specific numbers must have been entered by the subscriber online through the call management portal. With a sequential ringing, you remain assured that a call is never missed.
  • Local ringback tone – A ringback tone is a beep sound, usually heard when the destination’s phone is ringing. Each country has its unique ringback tone, therefore this feature allows you to choose which ringback tone callers will hear while they are waiting for an answer. Global Call Forwarding offers your business a call forwarding number that can match any county’s local ringback tone.
  • Call Recording – This feature enables you to automatically record inbound calls. All calls made to your local number will be recorded and saved for you to download at your convenience. Global Call Forwarding offer call recordings which are available to download “free-of-charge” from the control panel for one month.
  • Voicemail – Perhaps a call arrived when nobody was available to pick up. This feature automatically takes down the voice message in which you can always reach out to the caller at a later time.

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