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What Is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding Service, also known as a Call Diverting, is a system that allows businesses and individuals to activate local numbers anywhere in the world and redirect the calls from those numbers to any phone in the world. The international call forwarding system is designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs to establish their presence around the world in a fast and economical way, offering the possibility of getting a local number or an international toll free number in their target markets. These numbers act as a local point of contact and redirect incoming calls to any phone number in the world. For example, if a business or entrepreneur located in the UK wants to establish local points of contact in the US, Germany, France, and Singapore, then they can purchase local or international toll free numbers in those countries. Once the numbers are active, all calls made to those numbers locally in those countries will be redirected to the UK phone number of that business or any other specific number registered to receive these calls.

Why Should I Use Call Forwarding Services?

Businesses: that are succeeding today are the ones that have a worldwide presence by using international call forwarding as a marketing and sales tool. Even businesses that are relatively small or with limited budgets are able to provide their clients with cost-effective customer support lines in every market by using global call forwarding

People: use international call forwarding as a convenient way to stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers, or clients overseas. Global call forwarding provides them with a local number in any country that seamlessly forwards the incoming calls to their mobile or home phone.

How Can I Benefit from the Call Forwarding Services?

Buy the international call forwarding service from and reap the rewards. Call forwarding will more than pay for itself. Businesses and Individuals who take advantage of this international call forwarding feature will get a fast return on their investment.

Business Rewards

  • Help you avoid– An Effective Marketing Strategy: With a local or toll-free number, you have the opportunity to expand your company internationally and present it as a local firm. In this day and age where loyalty often comes first, people tend to favor doing business at home. International call forwarding can kick start a whole new marketing strategy for your company.
  • The Ability to Easily Adjust Call Forwarding as Necessary: Global call forwarding makes adjusting your phone service quite easy. If an emergency arises (such as your call center being located in an area that is in the path of a tornado or hurricane) and you need to have your calls forwarded to another number, it is a simple process.
  • An Invaluable Sales Tool: Needless to say, when your customers have ready access to you they are more likely to choose your firm over your competitors who do not offer them the same access.

Individual Rewards

  • Help you avoid extreme roaming charges: Forward your mobile calls when traveling internationally to avoid mobile international roaming charges. Buy a local phone number for the country your mobile phone is registered in, and before leaving your country for an international trip, forward your mobile calls to the new local number (you can set this up through the forwarding option on your mobile phone).
  • Own a Local or International toll-free phone number to receive calls from family & friends: Get a local phone number or toll free number in over 80 countries and hundreds of cities and set it to receive all incoming calls on your mobile, home, or work phone. The system will forward all incoming calls from your local or toll free number to any phone number you choose. This application allows your friends, family, and co-workers to reach you by simply dialing a local number instead of dialing an international phone number.
  •  Grow your personal brand by activating your own Local or International Toll Free number: If you are a small business owner (consultant, software developer, etc.) with international clients in different countries, you can provide your clients with a local or toll free number in the country they live in so they can simply reach you by dialing that local number (our system instantly forwards the incoming call to your mobile, home, or office phone). This will not only make your clients feel as if they are dealing with a local company, but it will also develop loyalty for your business as they will get a global service provider with a unique local reach.

These are just a few of the rewards your business can reap by utilizing global call forwarding.

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