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Remote Call Forwarding

Remote call forwarding is a service that automatically routes incoming calls to a phone number anywhere in the world. Various successful businesses use RCF for a variety of reasons. This does not require a telephone in the physical remote location, which can significantly enhance the flexibility of your business.

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Remote forwarding offers many benefits and has various different uses. One popular use of this service is to allow customers to keep their telephone numbers when they move locations. For example, suppose your business moves to an office serviced by a different telephone exchange but you have already advertised your old phone number. With remote call forwarding, you can keep the old phone number but forward the calls to your new office. Remote call forwarding ensures that your time and money spent advertising does not go to waste.

Use Remote Call Forwarding with Local or Toll Free Numbers

A remote call forwarding service is also a way for your business to take advantage of local and toll free phone numbers.

Local phone numbers are used by businesses to attract customers in a foreign country. Your business can buy a local phone number and advertise that number for inbound calls. It is cheaper for a caller to dial a local phone number than it is to call internationally. This increases the likelihood that potential customers will call your business. Remote call forwarding will automatically route incoming calls from your local phone number to your office anywhere in the world.

Many large companies will use toll free numbers because callers can dial these numbers at a local calling cost. If you need to make your business easier to call – for inbound sales, customer support, etc. – you need to consider remote call forwarding with toll free numbers. Business contacts are encouraged to call a toll free number because the phone number is easy to dial and inexpensive to call. GCF’s service allows you to redirect calls from your toll free number to your office.

Added Flexibility with Remote Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding provides a number of advanced features with your local and toll free numbers so that you can fully utilize remote call forwarding. The advanced features are intended to give businesses greater operational flexibility. A full list and description of features can be found on our website.

Small and medium businesses can benefit from features like sequential forwarding and voicemail to email. Sequential forwarding will deliver incoming calls sequentially down a list of phone numbers. Unless your business has representatives in the office 24/7, you will benefit from having calls forwarded to multiple numbers. For example, your cell phone will ring when you can’t answer your office phone.

Larger businesses can take advantage of many of our features with call recording and simultaneous ring. These features are incredibly useful in call centers. Simultaneous ring will ring multiple phones at the same time, giving multiple call center representatives an opportunity to answer. Toll free numbers with call recording gives your business the opportunity to record incoming calls for quality assurance and training purposes. We provide a suite of advanced features with our remote call forwarding service so that your business can provide the best customer service and phone calls.

Remote call forwarding is used by successful businesses in countless different ways. We ensure complete satisfaction when you buy a local or toll free number and we are confident that it will make your business more successful.

F A Q | Remote Call Forwarding

Remote call forwarding is a communication service that automatically forwards incoming calls to another destination anywhere in the world.

If you run an international business but do not want to carry the costs of opening field offices all over the world, then by using remote call forwarding, you can have incoming calls from around the world sent to your main office located in a different country or region. This feature is most helpful to businesses managing remote and distributed teams.

Global Call Forwarding offers remote call forwarding with each of its virtual phone number plans. You can sign up for this service by purchasing a virtual local or toll free number from us.

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