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Australia Forwarding Numbers

Business opportunities can be had almost anywhere, but some countries are better than others. Australia happens to be one of the better places in which you can establish a business. Key economic indicators such as GDP and per capita are high, and Australia has great infrastructure and a population of less than 25 million people in a massive country, which highlights a great potential for growth. With Australia forwarding numbers, your company can start doing business without having to relocate to one of the remotest places on earth.

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Australia’s Location and Business Opportunity

Australia is located far from the economic hubs of the world, and this remoteness has in some ways limited the economic activity of the country, but it has also protected it from global events, such as the 2007/8 financial crisis. However, Australia still has a nominal GDP that is in the top 20 and a per capita in the top 10 around the world, making it an economic powerhouse and a place where entrepreneurs and established businesses can flourish.

This is made possible because the government of Australia has created an environment in which the tools that are needed for a business to thrive are readily available. This includes easy access to capital, transparent business practices, skilled labor force and a highly educated population that is connected to the rest of the world. There is also a developed legal framework to ensure businesses that establish themselves in Australia will be afforded due process in a system that is politically stable.

Access to Australia

If you’re looking to do business in Australia, the distance is a great barrier, especially if you’re in the Americas or Europe. But in actuality, Australia seems like it is far away no matter where you are. One way to remove the barrier is with local or toll free Australia phone numbers with call forwarding, because you won’t have to travel Down Under to capitalize on the economic opportunities the country provides.

With a toll free call forwarding phone number, consumers and businesses in Australia can call you and get in touch with you, your employees, an answering service or contact center as a local number. Global Call Forwarding has forwarding phone numbers in Australia so you can make yourself available for callers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney with professional routing to the phone number of your choice.

Global Call Forwarding and Choice

When you get a toll free call forwarding number in Australia, you will be able to use advanced service features that are essential for businesses today with a system that lets you adjust, monitor, and control many different functionalities of your number.

When someone first calls your Australia forwarding number, they can be welcomed with a customized greeting feature that lets you address the city in which you established your number for a more personalized service.

While they are listening to the message you can program the Simultaneous Ringing feature so multiple phones can ring at the same time until the call is answered. This will ensure the calls originating in Australia will always be answered. You can continue to add further redundancy systems by also using Sequential Ringing, which continues to automatically route calls down a list of numbers that have been approved by you in a sequential order.

Global Call Forwarding has 16 advanced features for the Australia forwarding numbers they provide, including voicemail, call recording, black and white list, call transfers and others. The combined capabilities of these features make it possible to always be available to your customers in Australia day or night.

Account management and the GCF API

Global Call Forwarding gives you more choices and control with a proprietary account management platform you can access from anywhere and anytime using your computer. You will be able to see how the investments you’ve made in the Australia forwarding numbers are paying off by viewing call details such as date, time, phone numbers, and duration. This information can be used to modify features as well as increasing or lowering your presence based on the number of calls you get from a particular city in Australia.

The Global Call Forwarding Application Programming Interface (GCF API) is yet another tool the company provides to give you more control by implementing standard operations that can improve the interactions you have with callers in Australia.

With the GCF API, you can create or remove notifications of a specific event, get the list of call detail records (CDRs) for a given service line over a given range of time, create or remove notifications of a specific event, initiate a callback and check its status, upload documents and more. The GCF API has additional customization capabilities which can be requested to meet the specific needs of customers.


We now live in a connected world that can bring customers and business prospects from places as remote as Australia and other regions of the world. This makes it possible for businesses small and large to readily expand and establish a local presence almost anywhere for greater availability. Global Call Forwarding has simplified the process without sacrificing any of the functionalities that are essential for business communications today for the Australia forwarding numbers the company provides.

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