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China Forwarding Numbers

Call forwarding is one of the main options for companies that wish to do business in China. Telephone communication is one of the main options for long-distance communication, and businesses can buy China forwarding numbers to transact with Chinese customers from anywhere in the world.

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ISD call rates are ridiculously expensive. If you have clients/consumers in China, it can be prohibitively expensive for those fine folks to connect with your business on phone. The same goes for any relations staying for extensive periods in the country, be it for work, study or just a long vacation.

Online global call forwarding technologies offer a fantastically cheap alternative with China forwarding numbers. For very affordable subscription rates, you can get local phone numbers in China for call forwarding that will redirect all incoming calls to overseas numbers in any country around the world.

What are China Forwarding Numbers?

China forwarding numbers look and behave like local Chinese phone numbers if you place calls to them from China. They are basically international call forwarding numbers.

This means that your customers in China will only have to pay local call charges to make calls to these numbers. And their calls will be forwarded to your home/office numbers in your own country. If you opt for toll free call forwarding, they won’t have to pay any charges at all. Basically, China forwarding numbers provide your callers ISD calling facilities at reduced local calling rates.

Why Get China Forwarding Numbers?

The considerable aspect about China forwarding numbers is the fact that you don’t have to worry about getting new phone contracts in a foreign country like China. These often involve lots of bureaucratic hassle, requiring local China addresses and IDs and whatnot.

You need none of that if you flip the switch for China forwarding numbers. The subscription process is very streamlined and you can easily buy these numbers from anywhere in the world. Local China phone numbers are also extremely easy to set up and get online. These phone numbers will also work with any mobile or landline numbers you may have.

The Chinese Telephone Number System Explained

China is a vast country, but it has a well-developed telephone system. Landlines use area codes which are 2 or 3 digit prefixes. There are 9 different series of prefixes, each serving one of 9 different geographic regions in the country.

For instance the capital region of Beijing is in Area 1 and has the prefix “10”. Area 2 has cities like Shanghai (21) and Nanjing (25), and similarly, other cities and regions in other areas will have prefixes starting with their area number. Chinese telephone numbers are generally 8 digit numbers.

There is also a vast mobile network system with hundreds of millions of customers. You can press the button for local China forwarding numbers in any region or mainland China, or even get a 400/800 toll free number that works for the whole country.

How the Call Forwarding System Works From China

This is an online only system which uses advanced VOIP and digital PABX technologies. Once you choose your type of China forwarding numbers and select from our highly flexible calling plans, you are all set. Just make the payment and your China forwarding numbers will start redirecting calls in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is define the parameters of your very own global call forwarding system.

You can set the destination numbers to which incoming calls should be forwarded. You can even specify multiple numbers for this purpose. With our sequential forwarding feature, if one number fails to answer, the call will be automatically transferred to alternate numbers. You can even set a schedule for call forwarding. For instance, you can have calls forwarded to your office number during office hours and home number after that, if needed.

If you are a business person, you can utilize advanced features like call recording, call center forwarding capabilities as well as customized messages and local Chinese caller tunes for that extra local flavor to attract and retain your Chinese clientele. Customers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Chinese Economic Forecasts

Many businesses operate out of China but China’s new minimum wage rules have already hurt it for lucrative business opportunities, to learn its language and system, and to enjoy its vast and ancient cultural heritage. The global recession only affected the Chinese economy indirectly, thanks to rigid state control over its banking and financial systems.

The Chinese were only affected because other nations (their main customers) were financially crippled by the effects of the recession. The country still boasts steady economic growth at around 6-7%.

Regardless of whether you plan to go to China for business, employment, education, or just an enjoyable long vacation, this is a sensational time. Buy China forwarding phone numbers to stay in touch with the people who matter the most to you in your business.

We have decades of experience in international call forwarding. Contact us to learn more about our system and how it can help you. Our experienced representatives are always on hand to answer all your questions and help you choose the best call forwarding plan and Chinese forwarding numbers to suit your unique needs.

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