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Chinese Forwarding Numbers

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How Chinese Forwarding Numbers Can Improve your Customer Service

China is a great country in which to expand your business, but setting up an establishment there can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you are trying to test the market. Chinese forwarding numbers can allow you to create a virtual presence in China in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Once you have signed up for Chinese forwarding numbers, your customers will have access to a local or toll-free number which they can use to contact you directly. They won’t have to worry about confusing international dialing codes or long distance charges for their calls.

How Do Chinese Forwarding Numbers Work?

Once you have signed up with Global Call Forwarding, you will be able to pick Chinese forwarding numbers in the areas of your choice. Each time one of your customers uses the numbers, the call will be routed directly to the number or numbers of your choice in the U.S. They can be your customer service center, or if it’s beyond office hours, your mobile phone. You will never miss another call wherever you are. With Chinese forwarding numbers, your customer service center can take advantage of an expanded market and can easily provide the highest quality of customer service to your overseas customers.

Ways You Can Customize your Virtual Chinese Forwarding Numbers

As well as the standard services Global Call Forwarding offers, an advanced suite of features is also available, so you can customize your virtual numbers to suit your business needs. Advanced features include:

  • SMS forwarding: have your incoming SMS messages forwarded to a predetermined email address. You can get an SMS enabled virtual number, so text messages from your Chinese clients arrive in your mailbox.
  • Customized greeting: This is the message that customers will hear while they are waiting to be connected to your phone line. You can record the message yourself to formally greet your clients.
  • Local ringback tone: This is the signal tone that the caller hears while the destination phone is ringing. If you prefer your customers not to hear a U.S. tone, you can choose from 40 other global ringtones for convenience and maintaining that “local” feel in any market.

Cracking the code to great customer service is not the easiest thing to master, and it definitely takes some effort, but if you want your company to stand out from the rest when establishing a presence in China, this is a practice you need to perfect.

Chinese Forwarding Numbers Can Help Your Business Achieve the Best Customer Service

While most businesses will state that they are committed to offering a high-quality customer experience in regards to their call centers, it is not always possible to get everything right without trial and error. One aspect that can save your business time and money is using Chinese forwarding numbers, so calls can be answered by the most experienced members of your team to ensure customers are receiving the kind of care they need.

If you plan on doing business in China, Chinese forwarding numbers are an easy way to provide customer service while allowing your clientele to connect to a real person. Expanding your business will require a lot of dedication to your target market, and one of the key factors of success is maintaining excellent communications.

Are you interested in providing your Chinese clientele the best customer service? You need to get Chinese forwarding numbers. Similarly, here are a few factors that

have become apparent among businesses that offer excellent service to their customers in terms of communication:

  • Clarifying vision and goals: The most successful customer service sectors have a precisely laid out manifesto of customer service commitments leading to a clear goal of producing very high customer satisfaction rates, even if your operation is run by a single person.
  • Integrating customer service into your brand: Make your business “customer-centric.” When customer service is implicit with your brand, it has to be incorporated into every aspect of your business. This way, it ceases to become an afterthought, and you can be assured, your customers will take notice.
  • Developing a system: In order to be successful, your company must implement measures in place to define great customer service. This will ensure you have a strategy in place for addressing customer pain points and resolving issues in as short a time frame as possible.

China is an amazing country with countless business opportunities. If your business is considering the potential that lies in expanding into China, or you are interested in offering your Chinese clients the most reliable customer service, start by using Chinese forwarding numbers.

Contact our team at Global Call Forwarding today; we’d love to tell you more about our customizable features. We can set you up with a free trial in no time at all. We look forward to helping you expand your global communications coverage into China using Chinese forwarding numbers.

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