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India Forwarding Numbers

The ability for a business to compete in today’s world has been dramatically increased by the availability of digital technology in the marketplace. A business, no matter how big or small, is no longer confined within its national borders. Establishing a virtual presence in India or any other country for that matter can be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on how much you want to make yourself available.

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As the second most populous nation in the world, India offers an attractive opportunity, because even the smallest of market shares across its many industry sectors can generate impressive revenue. With India forwarding numbers, your company will no longer be confined to its borders because you’ll be able to communicate readily with the hundreds of millions of potential customers within this country.

The Indian Business Environment

After the post-liberalization of 1991, India has undergone a dramatic change that has been responsible for a steady annual growth rate that is now responsible for making it the fourth-largest economy in the world by GDP PPP (purchasing power parity) at a total of $8.727 trillion.

The progress India has been making has come even as it tries to overcome the decade’s old system of corruption that has been ingrained in virtually every aspect of the economy. However, this hasn’t stopped the country from achieving higher disposable incomes, an emerging middle class, and a competitive workforce by implementing new reforms and investment-friendly policies to attract businesses from around the world.

If the current growth rates continue in India, analysts have predicted by 2025 it will be the fifth-largest consumer goods market in the world. And with a population of 1.3+ billion people, these are numbers businesses can’t ignore no matter how far away they are from India.

Doing Business in India

One of the most attractive prospects of doing business in India is the low cost, competitive and skilled workforce along with a highly educated population in the ever-growing IT segment. This is made available in the world’s largest democracy, offering political stability foreign investors look for in a government with a very pro-business attitude that is doing all it can to promote more economic growth.

In order to take advantage of the growing investment infrastructure taking place in the country, being able to forward phone calls from India numbers is indispensable.

Voice Communication

There is no denying digital technology has introduced many different ways in which we communicate without saying a single word. But what India phone call forwarding numbers give you is a way to provide the human touch by allowing your customers to talk with you directly. And in today’s highly consumer-centric environment, this can be the difference when a customer chooses the company.

While forwarding phone calls from India, you have options that will give you a variety of ways in which your customers can either talk to you or use your choice of answering services to leave a message on different touchpoints, including email and voicemail.

How Global Call Forwarding Makes You Available

Whether it is a website, email, SMS, chat, social media, video conferencing or traditional phone calls, there is no shortage of ways in which you can make yourself available with today’s technology. And consumers understand that point, so not making yourself available through these technologies is not an option if you want to compete and remain relevant. Global Call Forwarding provides India phone numbers to forward to anywhere in the world, giving you every imaginable way to stay in touch with a phone.

The free advanced features of the India forwarding numbers the company offers have 15 tools you can use, including Customized Greeting, Local Ringback Tones, ForwardFax, Call Recording, Call Transfer and more.

One of the other features from Global Call Forwarding that is available for the India call forwarding numbers is Failover Forwarding. This feature lets you program different numbers or SIP accounts using multiple layers of Tier1 carriers to automatically connect an incoming call to the next available number so the call will not be dropped. This type of redundancy increases the level of your availability and lets your customers know you have systems in place in which they will be able to always get in touch with you.

Select Country Forwarding is also available with Global Call Forwarding’s Advanced IVR to forward calls from a predefined country code to a specific phone number. With this feature, you can route the calls coming from different countries to specific phone numbers. So the India forwarding numbers can be routed to call centers within India to address callers that speak Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, or Tamil.

Access and availability have become key features for businesses operating around the world. If you don’t make yourself accessible with the technology that is readily available to consumers, it will greatly limit your growth potential.

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