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Mexico Forwarding Numbers

Global Call Forwarding is an international call forwarding system that can provide individuals and companies with virtual local or toll-free numbers. This is a convenient and cost-effective means of providing your company – no matter what the size – with a global telephony system. Not too long ago, this type of service was only available for major global corporations, but now, you can access Mexico forwarding numbers, or other international virtual numbers even if you are a startup or small business.

International call forwarding is within your grasp.

How Call Forwarding Works

International call forwarding, also known as call diverting, permits you to activate your cell phone or landline number anywhere in the world – making it perfect for expanding your company’s presence overseas without the need to use resources to relocate. It’s a perfect way to manage global communications from your virtual office. As well as Mexico forwarding numbers, you can choose toll-free numbers from cities around the world in more than 80 other countries.

The local toll-free numbers give you a point of contact, so your customers can reach out to you easily, without having to mess around with international dialing codes, and without having to pay expensive international call rates. For example, if your business is located in the U.S., but you want to establish a point of contact in Mexico, Global Call Forwarding can provide you with Mexico forwarding numbers. Once your local Mexico numbers are activated, all calls made to these numbers will be automatically forwarded to the number or numbers of your choice. Whether it’s your landline, cell phone, or call center, you’ll never miss a call.

Access to Other Features

With Global Call Forwarding, you will also have access to a number of other useful features including:

  • Local ring tone: No matter what country your toll-free number is in, you can customize the ringtone to match the local one or any other.
  • Multiple call forwarding: You can set calls to be forwarded to different numbers simultaneously, until someone answers. That way you’ll never miss a call.
  • Time zone forwarding: What if your customers live in a different time zone? This is not a problem; Global Call Forwarding can forward incoming calls to different phone numbers based on the time of day and/ or day of the week.
  • Customized voice message: give your answering message a professional touch with customization. It allows you to welcome new and returning customers with a personalized greeting.

Advantages of Mexico Forwarding Numbers

There are many benefits to Mexico forwarding numbers and other international virtual numbers, such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Because calls to international virtual numbers are redirected via internet links, internal calls cost your company less. Furthermore, because calls are routed to your cell phone or landline, you don’t have to invest in any extra hardware or software.
  • Business presence: Market research shows that new and returning customers prefer to deal with local service providers. So if you’re doing business in Mexico, Mexico forwarding numbers help you to establish a local presence, even when you are working form a virtual office on the other side of the world. Callers also prefer calling a local number rather than a long-distance one.
  • Business image: If you have a small business, it can be hard to give your brand a boost. Mexico forwarding numbers can do this by enhancing your business profile. Having different virtual numbers can make your company seem larger than it actually is, thus improving your business image.
  • Stay consistent: Because your virtual number is not tethered to a specific device, you, or anyone on your team, you and your colleagues can always be reached using the same number. Virtual numbers also help you to separate your business calls from personal calls when you’re having calls rerouted to your mobile phone.
  • Added security: When you use virtual international numbers in conjunction with call logging (a very useful feature for marketing purposes). You will be able to see at a glance who called you, when and where from, and what it cost you, as well as other information you can use for marketing, such as where your number was located from.

You can use your call forwarding service to set call limits for certain virtual numbers, so you can enhance security and keep your costs to a minimum. Using this type of security protocol rather than a physical device makes it easier to prevent unauthorized calls.

Call Global Call Forwarding today to get more information about Mexico forwarding numbers and other international virtual numbers. We have a large database covering more than 80 countries worldwide. We can service your company whether you’re a start-up or a global leader in business. Don’t forget to ask us about a free trial. Let us help you expand your business to the global market.

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