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Taiwan Forwarding Numbers

About Forwarding Numbers

Forwarding numbers are a valuable tool for any enterprise. This essentially means you can direct any incoming call to your chosen location. Best of all, forwarding is a feature that can occur internationally. So if your company does business in Asia or the surrounding areas, you should utilize Taiwan forwarding numbers to streamline communications.

If you’re unsure how forwarding works, there are a number of ways to integrate this service into your systems. The first option is from device to device. For instance, from an office phone line to a mobile device. The forward can also be temporary, so if you or another department head is on vacation, callers are redirected to a secondary location while you’re away.

Another option for Taiwan forwarding numbers is from location to location. So if you want to do more business in Taiwan, you can purchase a number with that city’s area code and forward it to your cell phone or another phone line. If you have a prominent call center in Taichung, you have the ability to redirect calls from cities in the United States and Canada over to Taiwan. This is especially useful during non-working hours.

How Does Forwarding Help Your Enterprise?

Even self-employed individuals benefit from Taiwan forwarding numbers. Simply receive a number with your chosen area code so you can advertise in that specific city.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to change your personal cell phone. A forwarding number “hides” the original line, keeping your information safe from spam companies. More than that, your company will not need to go through the costs involved with changing your main number or any of your current marketing materials. Simply forward the old numbers to the new ones instead.

It’s also common for companies to change or add locations over time. Taiwan forwarding numbers make this transition seamless during the expansion. Just switch over the call destination so there is no confusion for your employees or team members.

Since the service is entirely virtual, you have the option to route callers to any available agent. This is accomplished through a feature called failover forwarding. This means that if a caller is not answered after a certain number of rings, they are then automatically connected to the next available person in line. You will have the ability to choose the order in which people answer the lines. This ensures that no client is ever unanswered or forgotten.

Taiwan Forwarding Numbers

Officially governed by the Republic of China since the 1940’s, Taiwan is a mountainous island area in Asia. It is located just north of the Philippines, off the southern coast of China. Taiwan is just larger than Belgium and smaller than the United States’ Maryland and Delaware.

The most populated cities in Taiwan are Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung, each with over one million people residing there. The climate is tropical, with cold winters and hot, humid summers. Northern Taiwan tends to rain often while southern Taiwan is drier during the winter. Occasional typhoons are common, even during the most popular months.

Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s largest bodies of water and a popular tourist attraction. It is located in Nantou County in the Yuchi Township. It was given this unique name due to the east portion of the lake, which resembles the sun, while the west side looks like a moon.

Kenting National Park is at the southern tip of Taiwan, famous for the gorgeous beaches and landscape. Visitors can stay at one of the many nice hotels in this resort area while taking in the rare and exotic plant life that grows there.

With Taiwan forwarding numbers, your enterprise can travel farther than ever. Give Global Call Forwarding a call for more information on purchasing yours today.

Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding offers features that help you enhance your growing business. For instance, in addition to Taiwan forwarding numbers, you can utilize SMS forwarding to help with streamlining personal and professional communications. The system is set up so that if you receive an SMS text on your mobile device, it will instantly forward to your email. This handy platform also sends the contact information and caller ID to your email as well as the actual content. This is perfect in the event you don’t have time to check your phone throughout the day. Another popular feature is voicemail to email as well.

With Taiwan forwarding numbers, your organization can have its incoming calls recorded. So if you want to use the past recordings for training new employees in the future, it’s easy to find the ones you want. This is also a useful tool for customer service managers. They can listen to the recordings to ensure that all client requests have been fulfilled as per their telephone call.

Contact Global Call Forwarding for your forwarding telephone numbers today. It’s time to get the most out of your business communications.

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