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UK Forwarding Numbers

The world markets present new, established, and up-coming businesses with unlimited opportunities for development. Thanks to globalization and international trade, some of the world’s largest and most developed nations are open to foreign businesses like never before. Our modern era is the single best time in history to do business in other countries.

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Take the United Kingdom, for example. The UK is one of the most globalized economies in the world. It is the fifth-largest national economy and is dominated largely by the service sector. Businesses hoping to reach one of the wealthiest consumer bases in the world need only first to establish a presence in the UK.

At Global Call Forwarding, we provide UK forwarding numbers that enable small and large businesses to position their company for success in the UK. Building a clear line for communication in the UK is made much easier with UK international call forwarding services like the ones we offer.

However, prior to investing in this diverse marketplace, it is imperative for businesses to gain a better understanding of the UK economy. Let’s take a look at both the UK market and how UK forwarding numbers can aid businesses in keeping in contact with customers and contacts there.

The UK Economy—What Businesses Should Know

The UK, an island nation sitting at the western edge of Europe, is the sixth greatest importer in the world economy and has the second-largest stocks of inward foreign direct investment and outward foreign investment. It is comprised of four distinct economies, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As previously mentioned, the service industry is the primary force that drives the UK economy, making up some 78% of its GDP. London also happens to be the largest financial center in the world and consequently has a strong financial services industry. Aerospace engineering is equally important to the economy, as is the pharmaceutical industry—with the UK having the third-largest share of global pharmaceutical research and development.

Interestingly, some 26 of the world’s 500 largest businesses are headquartered in the UK. Business growth and development is a major factor for the country’s economy. Oil and gas production from the North Sea have produced some 2.9 barrels of reserve oil, but the UK continues to be a large importer of foreign oil.

Prosperity is concentrated on the South East England and southern Scotland regions, but London’s economy itself has reached the status of the largest city by GDP in the whole of Europe. Thanks to the service sectors, including hotels, real estate, restaurants, and creative businesses, the UK continues to thrive in a somewhat unstable world economy. Citizens in the UK recently decided through a vote to leave the European Union, so businesses should be aware of the changes this could have on its economy.

How UK Forwarding Numbers Benefit Businesses

The key to establishing any business in a foreign nation, even one as prominent and forward-thinking as the UK, is to first build a presence. In today’s advanced technological industries, creating a virtual presence has never been easier. UK forwarding numbers are one of the ways businesses can do so.

UK international call forwarding services allow businesses to purchase a UK number that can easily be diverted to a different number of choice. When customers call the UK number, their call is redirected to a specific number set up in a different country or anywhere in the world. For example, if a business is based out of India, but needs to set up a presence in the UK, they can purchase UK forwarding numbers from a company like Global Call Forwarding and let us do the rest. Once their number is setup, they can manage advanced service features and designate the final destination for the phone call.

Businesses are always on the hunt for affordable and effective services, and UK international call forwarding fits that bill. Customers don’t shy away from contacting businesses who have localized numbers, and businesses never have to worry about expensive international call fees being passed to their customers or contacts in the UK thanks to this service.

Regardless of the business sector, call forwarding streamlines communication, helps build a virtual presence, and reduces costs to businesses over the short and long-term. Businesses can establish themselves as professional and trustworthy with a toll free or virtual number and present their company in a positive light to customers throughout the UK with call forwarding.

Businesses Choose Call Forwarding for a Better Presence in the UK

Multinational businesses utilize UK forwarding numbers to build trust and credibility with customers and contacts throughout the UK. In return, they receive advance features that make running a business easy such as automatic voicemail greetings, local ringback tones for the specific area chosen, an easy to manage virtual control panel, and complete control over all of their calls.

All businesses understand the importance of accessibility, particularly in competitive economies like the UK. UK international call forwarding brings customers to their doorstep anywhere they are in the world. Convenience and affordability make this service a must have for serious international businesses in the UK.

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