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Canada Forwarding Phone Numbers

The Basics of Forwarding Phone Calls from a Canada Number

You can’t always control when a client contacts your company, or from where. Perhaps you or members of your team have missed important calls in the past due to location, time changes, or travel schedules and this has caused an inconvenience.

However, with a number forwarding service, you can stay connected even when you’re off the grid. Canada forwarding phone numbers allows you to direct calls from Canada to other lines while you are unavailable or on the road. It’s not just upper management, either. These features can be applied to employees who happen to step away from their desk. This solves many internal organizational issues you may be facing at the moment.

Not only that, but number forwarding is especially useful for international enterprises that do not have a physical presence in Canada. Digital, local, and toll free numbers are one of the most important assets for reaching into new markets. Let’s discuss how Canada forwarding phone numbers can work for your company inside and out.

Call Forwarding for Internal and External Communications

You may not have considered how Canada forwarding numbers can transform the way you run your business internally. This means that you can solve communication issues before they even begin.

For example, number forwarding allows employees and prospective customers to seamlessly contact different departments with little effort. This includes marketing, sales, client services, production, purchasing, human resources, financing, and the IT team. Calls can be automatically redirected so there is no additional waiting time or confusion. Staff members will now have more time for customers. Canada forwarding phone numbers can help you better understand customer expectations and goals, deliver better support to your employees, and reduce costs by same time.

Investing in a Canada forwarding number means that you can also nurture your partnerships with convenient add-ons and programs. Here’s just a few of the forwarding features you can use for your enterprise:

  • Sequential forwarding: if a business partner in Canada calls your office but you happen to be out for lunch, this feature will automatically call your cell. Sequential forwarding is set to call a list of preset numbers in case you’re away from a landline. This will minimize unanswered calls and allow you a little freedom during your day.
  • Select country forwarding: route calls coming in from multiple countries to specific numbers of your choice. For example, you can forward calls from Canada to a virtual call center with French speaking agents. Easily accommodate a diverse amount of groups for better client retention.
  • Failover forwarding: never worry about dropped calls again! Failover forwarding allows you to program multiple lines so that if one call does not connect properly, then our system will automatically direct it to the next number down the line. This also eliminates potential frustrations over communications.

Canada Forwarding Numbers for Business

Many travel businesses can benefit from number forwarding features, especially if you are internationally-run. With Global Call Forwarding, now you can become a part of Canada’s pro-business climate. Here’s why:

Canada’s 13 territories have strong open-market policies in trade. This is one of the many reasons their economy remains stable, even during difficult recession periods in the United States. They are considered a “social market economy”, which means their system is considered a free market along with provisions for the unemployed or the elderly.

Canada frequently welcomes and encourages international trade partners and continues to make sound capital and financial investments on a global basis. Roughly 11 percent of their land is privately owned or operated. Their reputation is that of independence, transparency, and a willingness to seek and filter out corporate corruption.

Many of Canada’s exports include oil and minerals. They are the leading producer of nickel, sulfur, cadmium, potassium, uranium, and zinc. They rank only third for gold, lead, aluminum, and titanium. About 80 percent of these resources are exported, especially to the United States. Canada is also a leading producer of agricultural products.

If you would like to take advantage of the many opportunities Canada has to offer, your company is able to have a presence in one of the wealthiest and most stable economies in the world. Choose Global Call Forwarding for your custom Canada forwarding phone numbers.

Global Call Forwarding

It’s time for a business phone system upgrade in Canada. Forwarding phone numbers can be brought to you by a leading company in the communications market, so why miss out? With service features provided by Global Call Forwarding, you are able to seamlessly connect with employees, virtual call centers, key partners in trade, and potential sales opportunities all at the same time.

If your company has been seeking partnerships in Canada, forwarding phone numbers are essential for your business. Is your current business phone system up to the task?

It’s time to get started with Global Call Forwarding today.

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